Pandya Store 9th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 9th November 2023 episode starts with Chiku showing Isha to Natasha while Suman asks her since when is she and Chiku dating and whether they want to marry. 

He asks Natasha why Suman is asking all this to Isha and confirms she is same girl who kidnapped Golu. 

On the other hand, Isha tells Suman that she was in problem and Chiku helped her, adding that she doesn't know anything other than his name. 

In the meantime, Natasha scolds Chiku, saying Isha is not the one who kidnapped Golu, and mistakenly tells about finding proof of her innocence regarding Golu's kidnapping.

Chiku asks Natasha if she is being hurt by the Makwana's again but Natasha makes an excuse to avoid answering.

Just then, Chiku get a call for money from the medical store when Natasha realises a financial crisis her family is going through even after having Pandya Store.

She worries about what will happen to her family when it's gone. 

However, Chiku tells Natasha not to worry as he will manage Suman's expenses, making Natasha hug Chiku while he asks her to take care of herself.

Afterwards, Dhawal calls Chiku and asks if Natasha is there, making Chiku state that Natasha left long ago.

On the other side, Dhawal thinks if he tells Chiku about Natasha not coming yet, he will create more trouble therefore, he lies that Natasha has just reached.

Outside, Natasha walks on the road, thinking she has to do a job as she cannot use the money given by Dhawal. 

She decides to call the garba organizers and check the cctv footage by making an excuse about losing her earrings on the event night and requests him for footage. 

Elsewhere, Dhawal thinks he has to find Natasha when she returns home leading him to ask her where she was as it is very late and time for dinner. 

Natasha states that she has forgotten to cook and rushes to kitchen, while Dhawal sits eating chips when Natasha asks if he is teasing her.

Suddenly, Chiku calls Natasha when she asks her about Suman's health condition when he replies that some tests have been recommended which will let them know Suman's condition.

Further, Natasha tells Dhawal that she needs some time to talk to Suman about Pandya Store, making Dhawal state that she can take her time as he is not as bad as she believes. 

He asks Natasha to get vegetables from Hetal when Hetal gets a text from her brother about her mother being admitted to the hospital and in serious condition. 

Hetal manages to talk to her brother when he seeks financial help from her.

She rushes to check her savings and sees the amount is very less while Pranali and Dolly console Hetal, stating that Amresh will give her money.

Natasha overhears their conversation and thinks she cannot help Hetal even though she wants to as she is helpless too.

During dinner, Amresh asks Dhawal if he is not giving money to Natasha as she is looking for job and even applied in their office which shocks everyone. 

Natasha says that Pandya Store is going to the Makwana's, which is why she cannot run her home with their money.

Hearing this, Amresh tells Natasha that he will give her another shop in return of Pandya Store, adding that she let, Chiku, Mitthu and Shesh earn. 

However, Natasha argues with Amresh, stating that doing job is her right but Amresh denies Natasha of her demand. 

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