Pandya Store 9th September 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th September 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th September 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 9th September 2022 episode starts with Suman catching Raavi coming to the house after climbing the wall while Rishita gives her the excuse about checking the back camera. 

Raavi makes an excuse about going on an outing with Shiva. 

Just then, Shiva comes inside from the front gate making Suman suspects Raavi. 

Shiva tries to cover up for Ravi but Suman's antennae are working with double speed and she decides to keep an eye on Raavi. 

Later, Rishita tells everyone that cameras have been installed all over the house. 

Gombi and Dev praise Rishita for taking measures to fight her depression while Dhara tells Rishita that she will take care of her medicines. 

Suman tries to remind everyone about her birthday but no one takes the hint making Suman agitated. 

Rishita is showing the camera videos to the family when Shweta is seen changing the clothes which embarrassed everyone.

Shweta who has purposely planned this image to embarrass Rishita is surprised to hear everyone siding with Rishita and telling her that when she knows that cameras have been installed in the house then she should have used the bathroom to change her clothes. 

Later, Shweta tries to hand over Cheeku to Dhara but she refuses her saying she has to learn to focus on Cheeku and wean him off from the Pandya family in 10 days.

Everyone hugs Dhara for being strong while she tells them to not worry about her as she is very strong mentally. 

Later, Dhara asks Suman to join them for dinner but Suman goes to her room to sleep feeling angry.

Dhara wonders what could be making Suman agitated when all brothers speak in unison that they know what it is. 

Outside the house, Shweta is making a plan to prove herself an unfit mother to get rid of Cheeku’s responsibility. 

Her friend suggests kidnapping Cheeku but Shweta does not know how. 

In the kitchen, all the family is gathered and Gombi tells Dhara that tomorrow is Suman’s birthday and they have planned a surprise for her. 

Meanwhile, Shweta hears Pandya's family's plan and decides to execute the kidnapping during the celebration. 

The next morning, Shweta's friend calls her and tells her to be ready in the evening and do exactly as she says.

All the Pandyas are preparing for the celebration when Dhara asks them who will take responsibility for taking Suman out of the house. 

One by one Krish, Gombi, and Dev Rishita all make excuses and the responsibility comes upon Raavi. 

However, Raavi tells them in a flow that she has to go meet Arnav.

All the family members look astonishingly at Raavi and ask her who Arnav is. 

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