Pandya Store 9th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 9th September 2023 episode starts with Dhawal promising Natasha that until she gets comfortable with him, he won't get close to her.

Natasha gets happy and she hugs Dhawal but suddenly falls over him on the bed where they both have a romantic eye contact with each other.

Natasha starts feeling embarrassed and she quickly gets up while on the other hand, Hetal praises Natasha in front of Amresh.

She says that Natasha is a very mature girl as without asking she gave all of her jewelry to Amba while Amresh says that she will be more mature if she signs Pandya store paper without any drama.

Further, Natasha asks Dhawal to sleep separately and she sleeps on the bed and asks him to sleep on the sofa but they argue.

Dhawal says that his height is more than her so he won't be able to adjust on the sofa so he forcefully sends Natasha to sleep on the sofa.

Later, on the Next day Pranali, Dolly and Hetal come shouting from their kitchen that their stoves are missing, then suddenly Natasha calls everyone to have breakfast.

They all get surprised as she has prepared food for everyone while Amba asks her if her stove is missing or not.

She says that no stove is missing as she has sold the rest of the stove and on the other hand, Suman prays to god for helping Natasha in her first kitchen.

Meanwhile, as Natasha says that she has sold the stove then everyone is surprised and Amba asks Who told you to do that?

Amresh ignores their argument and goes near the dining table, he is impressed by seeing the variety of foods so he gives blessings to Natasha while Amba gets jealous and asks why she did it then Natasha tells her that she wants to keep the family together.

She also mentions that Suman has taught her that every family member should eat together while Pranali interrupts and says that their surname is same and they live together then how they are separate.

Natasha tells her that they still live like a nuclear family instead of a joint family while Amba sits near the table.

She starts her drama where she asks for an apology from goddess Annapurna asking to forgive her daughters-in-law for fighting over a stove.

Dhawal gets angry and scolds Natasha saying that everything works according to Amba's will in the family so she should also follow her orders.

Amresh asks Amba to get up and she intentionally kicks the food so it gets wasted and she does her melodrama that now something bad will happen as the food is wasted.

She again starts crying and asks Amresh to call a Pandit Ji to do pooja for their house peace. Natasha, being optimistic, picks up the food and says that nothing bad will happen as there is still some food in the bowl and she asks everyone to sit as she is going to serve it.

Hetal tells Pranali that she is seeing a different side of Natasha and she is happy to see that she is trying her best to reunite the family.

Amresh asks everyone to sit and have food then Amba along with other gents of the family sits while the ladies are still standing.

Natasha asks them to sit but they don't sit due to Amresh's fear then Natasha forcefully makes Hetal sit near Amresh and addresses her by calling the dancer's sister-in-law.

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