Parineeti 10th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th April 2023 episode starts with Neeti telling Bebe she will see how Bebe’s killer kills Pari.

Neeti walks away with determination in her eyes, while Bebe just stares at Neeti with her mouth hanging open.

Bebe’s eyes then meet Sukhwinder who is standing in front of the door and something unsaid passes between them.

Meanwhile, Neeti starts panicking in her room as she cannot figure out a way to safe Pari and she says that Pari is very important to her so she cannot kill Pari.

Making up her mind, Neeti calls Pari to lie that she has fallen in the bathroom so now, she wants Pari to be here to take care of her.

Pari gets very concerned upon hearing this and she urges Neeti to call someone else till the time she reaches the Bajwa house yet Neeti pleads with Pari to come as soon as possible.

Hearing Neeti’s quivering voice, Pari agrees to come as she cannot let her Neeti suffer alone and Neeti feels guilty for wanting to eliminate Pari who cares for her so much.

Sulochana gaslights Neeti Again

At the same time, Bebe and Sukhwinder arrive at the room to promise Neeti that they will not kill Pari instead they will just harm Pari to teach her a lesson.

Bebe again gaslights Neeti by reminding her that Pari has married Rajeev without even thinking about Neeti.

Sukhwinder also states that Neeti should do a minor accident with Pari so when Pari will be bed-ridden, Neeti will get the perfect opportunity to take care of Pari and that will make Neeti an ideal daughter-in-law in the family’s eyes.

Although Neeti does not want to harm Pari even a little bit, she gives into the peer pressure, thinking Pari deserves it for marrying Rajeev.

Looking at Neeti and Sukhwinder’s faces, Sulochana says internally that she has to safe Pari for Neeti’s sake since Neeti and Sukhwinder are her most important puppets to get revenge on the Bajwa family.

On the other hand, Kavya and Mandeep scold two goons for bringing Pratiksha back as the goons enter the hall with Pratiksha wrapped in a blanket on their shoulder.

When Dharampatnii cast meets Parineeti

Mandeep urges Kavya to not worry as she is here to take care of Pratiksha to make sure Kavya’s marriage happens with Ravi today.

Meanwhile, Neeti again calls Pari to urge her to go back to Rajeev saying that she has called Sukhwinder to help her and Pari just nods her head.

As soon as Neeti cuts the call, she assumes her alter ego standing in front of her who tries to make Neeti understand that she is doing wrong but Neeti counters her alter ego saying that she can go to any length for Rajeev.

Neeti's alter ego reminds her that she can directly ask Pari why she has married Rajeev while Neeti just lets out a scream, unable to deal with the truth.

Neeti, Rajeev, & Pari to attend Ravi's Wedding

In the meantime, Mr. Amardeep invites Mr. Mehra to Ravi's wedding but Mr. Mehra decides to send Rajeev since he is not allowed to go anywhere right now.

Rajeev gets excited as he plans to take Neeti and Pari both to Ravi's wedding and he even scolds himself for thinking about Pari constantly.

Later, Bebe and Sukwhinder are discussing Pari during which Sukwhinder comments that Pari deserves more than the accident, and Parminder overhears this.

Parminder questions Bebe about what she means by accident but Bebe lies that she is talking about a movie which causes Parminder to think Bebe is planning something.

Kavya Becomes a Block Again

On the other hand, Gurmeet tries to make Ravi understand that he is marrying Kavya out of anger but Ravi does not listen to Gurmeet's words.

Harneet who has overheard everything misbehaves with Gurmeet for talking to Ravi like this so Biji scolds Harneet for behaving this way.

Meanwhile, Kavya yells at the goons for bringing Pratiksha back into the house when Harneet walks into saying that Kavya's marriage with Ravi may not happen today. 

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