Parineeti 10th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari meeting with an accident before reaching the court but by god grace, she isn't injured.

She asks for help and reaches court along with the evidence while the judge says that she wasn't able to declare her decision the last day because of a shortage of time so she asks for any defense from Rajeev's side before giving the decision.

Meanwhile, Pammi is worried because Pari hasn't come there after which Madhu's lawyer asks the judge to declare the statement but Pari reaches there and asks for an apology for being late.

She asks for permission from a judge to fight Rajeev's case on behalf of Balli because due to some unavoidable circumstances he has been stuck somewhere and she also tells the judge that she has a degree in L.L.B.

Madhu's judge argues and says that Pari cannot fight Rajeev's case after which the Judge scolds him and allows Pari to fight Rajeev's case after which Pari asks for permission from the judge to present a few facts and figures to defend Rajeev.

She tells the Judge that Madhu intentionally added some medicine to Rajeev's drink so that he could lose his balance after which she misbehaved with him and put all the allegations against him.

Madhu becomes anxious after which her lawyer starts laughing and saying that Pari is giving irrelevant facts and asks the judge to give the judgment while Pari asks Madhu why didn't she yell before Rajeev took her inside the room.

Meanwhile, Madhu says that she yelled after going inside the room but Pari asks the judge to note this thing and she asks Madhu to tell the truth whereas Madhu's lawyer says that Pari is trying to force Madhu.

Pari fights after which Madhu's lawyer says that Rajeev is a criminal after which Pari defends Rajeev and says that he hasn't proven wrong yet so one can call him a criminal.

At the same time, Shally asks Neeti if some day same thing happens to him then will she defend him in the same way as Pari is defending Rajeev after which Neeti asks him to focus on the case instead of stupid things.

Madhu's lawyer says that Rajeev has scratched Madhu's body after which Pari says that those scratches have been made by Madhu herself after which Rushad yells at Pari.

Then, Pari asks the judge to take action against Rushad after this case is over after which she tells the judge that Madhu was Rushad's secretary but to marry him she did the same thing that she is doing with Rajeev.

Pari asks Rushad to come in the witness box after which she asks him why he married Madhu so he tells her that he was in love with her and that's why he married her but Pari says that he is lying.

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