Parineeti 10th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th August 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th August 2023 episode starts with Pari telling Monty that Mr. Ahlawat is behaving like he has not yet lost his son.

She tells Monty that maybe Mr. Ahlawat is smiling because he never liked Rakesh while Monty exclaims that he is also confused.

Looking at Mr. Ahlawat, Pari starts thinking about how Mrs. Ahlawat behaved like a maniac in the police station and how Mr. Ahlawat was also very paranoid.

She then urges Monty to come with her so they can investigate Ahlawat's house because just like a mother’s grief can not be hidden, a father can also not stay without loving his son.

Monty questions Pari if she is sure about this idea to which Pari replies that they need to find the truth for Rajeev’s sake.

At the police station, Neeti, and Bebe go to meet Rajeev and Bebe tries to manipulate Rajeev by saying that only Pari is eating in the Bajwa house, not anyone else.

Bebe tells Rajeev that Pari’s appetizer has become twice since Rajeev has gone to jail whereas Neeti cannot swallow any food because of grief.

Hearing this, Rajeev informs Bebe that it is very nice that Pari is eating as it is very important for the baby’s growth which makes Bebe roll her eyes.

Bebe tries one more time to change Rajeev’s mind by saying that Pari is sleeping so peacefully at night while Neeti continues pacing in her room in worry.

With a chuckle, Rajeev orders Bebe to let Pari sleep because a happy mother resembles a happy kid.

The way Rajeev takes Pari’s actions very gently without any worry drives Bebe mad so she shuts up her mouth.

When she and Neeti come out of the police station, she urges Neeti to see how Rajeev has changed as he always takes Pari's side now but Neeti orders Bebe to shut her mouth too.

She angrily announces that Bebe is the one who always manipulates her which has caused her to drift apart from Rajeev.

Bebe sternly comments that Neeti needs to accept that Rajeev has fallen in love with Pari now.

However, Neeti gets into a taxi, muttering that Bebe can come alone as she does not want to see Bebe's face now.

Elsewhere, Pari and Monty arrive in front of Ahlawat's house, and as they watch through the windows, they find Mrs. Ahlawat eating her food very peacefully.

Mrs. Ahlawat tells someone on call that she cannot eat anything because her son has just died in a crying voice while she blissfully eats the food.

When Pari and Monty inform Neeti and Bebe, they urge Neeti and Bebe to come with them to see it with their own eyes if they don't believe it.

However, Mrs. Ahlawat completely transforms herself and starts behaving like a grieving mother whose son has just died.

The Bajwa's find Mrs. Ahlawat crying in front of Rakesh's picture and Mrs. Ahlawat orders them to leave while Pari questions Mrs. Ahlwat why she is pretending that she is not eating.

This makes Mrs. Ahlawat so angry that she throws everyone out of the house.

Outside, Neeti angrily shouts at Pari for causing them more trouble despite Pari and Monty's pleading and Neeti even declares that Pari is doing a competition to prove that she loves Rajeev more than her.

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