Parineeti 10th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th February 2023 episode starts with Bebe commenting that it means their family’s lineage will die even before seeing broad daylight.

As Rajeev looks scared, Parminder says that God is just testing Neeti so he does not need to worry as Neeti will be all right.

Rajeev walks away from there while Parminder and Bebe argue with each other about Neeti and her baby.

Afterward, Rajeev gets a call from his friend, who reveals that Rakesh is in his area.

Meanwhile, Bebe blames Pari for Neeti and her unborn baby and even announces that once Neeti comes to consciousness, she will throw Pari out of the Bajwa house.

At first, Parminder tries to make Bebe understand that Neeti got shot while saving Sanju so Pari is not at fault but when Bebe continues accusing Pari, Parminder is about to say that Pari is their family.

As Bebe looks at Parminder with anger, Parminder clarifies that Pari has become their family since she is living with them for a long time.

Bebe declares that she does not care if Pari is their family or not, she will throw Pari out herself.

On the other hand, in Neeti’s hospital room, Sukhwinder tells Neeti that Pari has betrayed her while Neeti stares at her.

Sukhwinder says that Pari is a witch who has married Sanju behind Neeti’s back with tears in her eyes.

Pari breaks down after overhearing Sukhwinder’s words thinking today she has lost her lifeline, Neeti.

She calms down as the nurse informs Sukhwinder that Neeti is sleeping due to medicines and only her eyes are open.

When Sukhwinder asks the nurse if Neeti has heard everything, the nurse replies negatively.

Outside the hospital room, Pari begs Sukhwinder to give her one more chance to explain her side of the story.

Sukhwinder tells Pari that she has listened enough already so she does not need any more proof but Pari drags her away despite Sukhwinder’s persistence.

On the other hand, Rakesh is waiting at the red light when his eyes fall on the next car that contains a happy family.

Tears roll down Rajeev’s cheeks as she pictures himself, Neeti, and their kid instead of the family.

Rajeev screams that he will not let Rakesh live happily when the memories of Neeti getting shot come back to him.

In the hospital, Sukhwinder tells Pari that she has done a shameful act due to which she has dragged Sukhwinder here.

Sukhwinder even puts Pari down by reminding her that a mistress is just a pleasure for the man because he will return to his wife very soon.

When Pari mentions that Neeti is the mistress in Rajeev’s life, Sukhwinder slaps her for placing herself in Neeti’s place.

Pari pleads with Sukhwinder to calm down while Sukhwinder continues trash-talking about Pari.

As Pari explains to Sukhwinder about her being Rajeev’s first wife, Sukhwinder gets shattered.

Sukhwinder orders Pari to promise her that she will leave Sanju and Neeti’s life once Neeti comes back to consciousness and Pari agrees.

On the other hand, Rakesh tells himself that Pari belongs to him only while sipping the alcohol.

Arriving there just in time, Rajeev starts beating Rakesh, accusing him of causing trouble to Neeti while Rakesh just sneers.

Rakesh informs Rajeev that he loves only Pari but Rajeev loves Neeti more while Rajeev punches his face.

However, when the police arrive, Rakesh escapes using the window, making Rajeev curse at hum

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