Parineeti 10th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 10th January 2024 episode starts with Pammi asking Babli to go and check on Pari and Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Neeti goes to Rajeev’s room and holds his hand as he has hurt himself.

Rajeev jerks off her hands and says that earlier they were husband and wife but now they are no one so they should maintain some distance as he is getting married to Pari.

Neeti says that she can see that Rajeev still loves her to which he replies that it is her misconception.

She says that she cannot see him getting married to Pari to which he replies that he loves Pari even though he cheated on her.

Neeti starts heading out as she cannot hear anymore however Rajeev holds her hands so that she can know how much he hates her.

He also says how Pari did not utter a word when he was being unfair to her and that is why he loves her and respects her.

Neeti yells that she cannot hear anymore and leaves.

Elsewhere, Pari comes out along with Bali dressed beautifully, making everyone start the sangeet function.

Back outside, Neeti is heartbroken and moves out of the venue with tears in her eyes as the pain is too overwhelming to bear.

Neeti sees a bonfire over which she places her hand and swears that she will not let this union take place.

Meanwhile, Rajeev angrily throws the lamp when his brother comes and asks him what is wrong.

Rajeev says that he wanted to show Neeti how much he has moved on however she ended up making him frustrated.

His brother replies that it is not Neeti's fault this time as Rajeev was the one who invited her.

Pammi enters and asks Rajeev to get ready as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Neeti goes to the police station to meet with Rakesh and tells him about Pari and Rajeev's wedding.

Neeti is not pleased with Rakesh's reaction as he should be more upset.

She tries to instigate him more and more while he burns in anger.

Rakesh looks at Neeti with hot red eyes while she keeps degrading him and his love for Pari.

Neeti says that she did give him a chance to marry Pari but he did not do anything and now Pari will celebrate her first night with Rajeev.

Rakesh says while screaming that he will not let Pari marry anyone let alone Rajeev while Neeti continues to bash him saying that Pari will marry Rajeev and have his children.

Rakesh gets a heart attack which scares Neeti so they call the police and ask them to take him to the hospital.

After the police take Rakesh to the hospital, Neeti bangs her hand on the table thinking that she lost her last shot of getting Sanju back.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes downstairs and joins in on his sangeet celebrations while Rajveer is making fun of the fact that Chandrika is still in the parlour.

Rajeev sees Pari in tension and wonders what is wrong with her.

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