Parineeti 10th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Parvati wearing Pari’s suit and coming downstair after which everyone is shocked to see her in Pari’s clothes.

Neeti says that she is Pari while Parvati says that she does not know how to handle people like them Neeti looks at Gurpreet and says that Pari has a mark on her left hand and back.

Then, Neeti asks Parvati to show it but Parvati yells at her and becomes angry and asks her to stay away from her after that she goes into her room and Neeti again comes over there.

Rajeev also follows her whereas Neeti holds Parvati’s hand and says that she will prove that Parvati is only Pari then Rajeev comes there and asks Neeti to not create chaos.

After that, Ambika also comes there and says that she couldn’t believe that Neeti’s aggression could go up to such an extent and she comes inside the room.

Ambika asks Neeti to stay away from Parvati otherwise she will create her life hell while Neeti again tries to go near to Parvati after which Ambika yells at her which terrifies everyone.

Neeti becomes shocked while Ambika gives a threat to her and Parvati says that she can see aggression in Neeti’s eye for Pari which proves that she is also involved in Pari’s death for sure.

Parvati looks at Neeti and says that all of her actions are justifying this thing then Ambika holds Parvati’s hand and they go from there whereas Neeti tries to tell Rajeev about Parvati.

Rajeev does not listen to her and asks her how much chaos will she create in his life whereas Pari recalls that Ambika at the right moment called her and informed her that Neeti was trying to expose her in front of Rajeev and Gurpreet.

Parvati recalls that she still has a birthmark on her back though she has removed the mark from her hand so she wears Pari’s suit then Ambika meets Pammi and Gurpreet.

Ambika tells them that she can feel their pain and she asks them to think that their Pari who is a precious diamond is theirs and allows Gurpreet to meet her anytime whenever she wants.

After that, she receives a call from the office so she asks Parvati to come along with her then Gurpreet asks her to let Parvati stay with her for so so Parvati agrees to stay there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev tells Neeti that if she continues to behave like this then for sure one day he will send her to amental asylum after that Neeti asks him if Parvati hugged him which provokes Rajeev’s anger.

Neeti asks Rajeev to not overreact so Rajeev says that Parvati was correct that Neeti has gone mad and he reminds her that Parvati and Ambika are their business partners while Parvati comes there and gives deal cancellation papers to Rajeev.

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