Parineeti 10th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari anyhow escaping from Neeti and she reaches a hilly area and prays to God to help her to reach Rajeev.

Just then, Gurinder comes over there from her behind after which she hugs her and thanks god for sending her over there after that she tells her that Neeti tried to kill her.

She shows her the injury that Neeti gave her and asks Gurinder to save her from Rakesh and Daljeet while Gurinder does not say anything.

Rakesh says that he will kill Gurinder along with her after which Pari comes in her defense and says that she will not let her harm Gurinder and asks them to do whatever they want to do with her.

Neeti comes over there and says that she was searching for Pari all over the way while Pari scolds Neeti after which Gurinder slaps her which surprises Pari, and she stares at Gurinder while she asks Neeti why Pari still alive is.

Rajeev roams in the forest and searches for Pari but slips and he lost his slippers after which he roams barefooted in the forest while Gurinder laughs and stares at Pari.

Pari asks Gurinder what she is saying as she considers her mother after which Gurinder says that she does not consider her as her daughter while Pari says that she made her marry Rajeev.

Gurinder says that she made her marry Rajeev so that she could get all of her property which belonged to her, and she forced Rajeev to marry her, so he married her.

After that, Neeti tells her that Rajeev and her ambition match which is why they are a perfect match before her Rajeev sent Rishta for her and Gurinder also accepts the fact that she and Rajeev both likes Neeti.

Gurinder tells Pari that she wants her to die while Neeti asks her to end Pari's story early so that she can marry Rajeev while Pari says that she never expected this thing from Gurinder.

Rakesh asks Pari to not do the drama and he asks her to go from this world while Pari says that Rajeev loves her most while Neeti makes fun of her and says that she will give the child to Rajeev.

Pari does not believe in the things going on after which Rakesh takes out the knife from his pocket to stab in Pari's back but she runs from there after which Neeti scolds Rakesh and Daljeet to find her.

Daljeet asks Rakesh to find her otherwise she will tell the truth to Rajeev and Gurinder also becomes anxious while Neeti assures her that nothing wrong will happen whereas Rajeev comes there and Neeti is surprised to see him over there.

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