Parineeti 10th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th March 2023 episode starts with Neeti asking Pari to apply the ointment on Rajeev’s back in a quivering voice.

Pari turns around hearing Neeti’s voice and as she starts applying the ointment on Rajeev’s back, Neeti watches Pari with hurt.

After Pari walks away, Rajeev tries to talk to Neeti who announces that she is sleepy and she turns around to sleep.

Rajeev does not say anything more and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Amit and Chandrika start arguing with each other about him not taking any stand for her in front of Gurinder.

Chandrika yells that Gurinder always taunts her by calling her “bangalan” while Amit tries his best to avoid the conversation.

At the same time, Rajeev and Monty arrive there and Amit gets an excuse to change the topic.

Pari orders everyone to take the aarti with a soft smile on her face.

As Rajeev takes the aarti from Pari’s hand, Neeti sees them and her heart breaks even more.

Neeti’s anger continues to rise as Monty expresses that he did not like Gurinder scolding Pari yesterday.

Meanwhile, Bebe is eating in the kitchen when Neeti arrives there to claim that she told Bebe to not mess with Pari because if anyone throws dirt on someone else the karma bites them back.

Bebe reminds Neeti that she dug the hole for Pari correctly but it is Neeti’s goodwill that Pari is alive.

Neeti angrily states that she is angry at Pari but that does not mean she will kill her to which Bebe replies that Pari is her “sauten”.

She tearfully admits that last night Pari was the one who applied the cream on her wound and now she is sure Rajeev loves Pari more than her.

Just then, Parminder approaches Neeti to ask her if she has seen Pari when Pari arrives there.

Parminder orders Pari to cook Prashad for the satyanarayan puja making Neeti jealous.

Neeti questions Parminder if she can cook to which Parminder replies that Neeti has a wound on her arm almost immediately.

Tears threaten to stream down Neeti’s cheeks due to the rejection so after Parminder and Pari walk away, she gets manipulated by Bebe to ruin Pari’s food.

Bebe informs Neeti that Pari has everyone wrapped around her finger so they only care about Pari’s whereabouts.

Afterward, Pari starts cooking when Bebe taunts her for leaving the gas on and even narrates a story about how once a person mixed cloves of garlic in kheer instead of cashew nuts to give Neeti an idea about how to ruin Pari’s food.

Pari replies to Bebe that mixing cloves of garlic in kheer is a sin.

Later, Neeti decides to ruin Pari's food to make sure Pari's good image gets destroyed in everyone's mind so when Bebe asks her what she is planning, she replies she will mix garlic in Pari's food.

Bebe gets overjoyed as Neeti is finally thinking alike her and once Pari leaves the kitchen, she and Neeti mix garlic in the kheer.

Meanwhile, Gurinder orders Rajeev to come home for the puja as Parminder has organized it for his and Neeti's happiness.

Later, Parminder orders Pari to sit with Rajeev and Neeti in the puja because she is carrying their baby despite Bebe's protest.

While everyone is busy in puja, Bebe feels proud of herself as Neeti is under her influence after she told her fabricated truth and no one here knows about it.

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