Parineeti 10th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder yelling at Neeti and saying that she will never support her in the wrong things.

After that, Neeti warns her to go against her otherwise Gurinder will have to suffer due to it.

Gurinder gets angry and shouts at her after which Neeti pushes her near the railing due to Gurinder’s leg slips and she loses her balance.

Then, Neeti holds her hands and asks her if now also she will tell her truth to the whole Family then Gurinder requests Neeti to go away from Rajeev and Pari’s life.

Gurinder says that Pari is her daughter-in-law so she cannot do anything against her after which Neeti leaves her hands.

Just then, Gurinder takes Pari’s name loudly after which Pari comes there while Gurinder falls from the terrace.

Pari gets shocked to see Gurinder lying on the floor and Pari looks upstairs when Gurinder falls.

Meanwhile, Neeti hides and thinks that Pari has seen her after which she becomes anxious and wonders if Rajeev will hate her if Pari will tell her truth to Rajeev.

She starts overthinking and thinks that Rajeev will throw her out of the house whereas other family members come to see Gurinder.

Rajeev panics after seeing Gurinder in that condition and he shakes Gurinder’s body but she does not respond.

Pammi starts crying and asks Pari what happened to Gurinder whereas Pari is in shock and she is not able to process that Neeti has pushed Gurinder from the terrace.

After that, Chandrika asks Pari why didn’t she save Gurinder as she was near to her but Pari does not say anything.

On the other hand, Neeti assumes so many things after which she thinks that Pari hasn’t seen her as she was standing at a good distance from Gurinder.

Neeti tries to calm herself by lying to herself that Pari has not seen her so nothing wrong will happen to her.

After that, she goes to the mandir area in the house and blames god for Gurinder’s condition whereas the Inspector’s car accident takes place.

At the same time, Daljeet says that they should not delay and take Gurinder to the hospital otherwise she will lose her life.

Then, everyone goes to the hospital but the nurses refuse to admit Gurinder saying that it’s an accident case so first they have to bring an F.I.R. copy.

Pari argues with a nurse after which the doctor comes while Neeti wishes for Gurinder’s demise and prays to god for it.

The doctor asks Pari to calm and he gets ready to admit Gurinder but asks Rajeev to sign a consent form on Gurinder’s behalf.

Rajeev agrees to fulfill all the formalities whereas Neeti hits her hands on the wall and murmurs that Pari becomes Rani Lakshmi Bai everywhere.

Meanwhile, Rajeev tells the doctor that Gurinder is unconscious after she fell from the terrace after which the doctor assures him that they will try their best to save her.

After that, Pari comes and tries to console him while he thanks Pari for looking after Gurinder every time.

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