Parineeti 10th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th May 2023 episode starts with Gurinder asking Gurpreet if she is not feeling ashamed for helping Pari in this dirty game.

Gurinder angrily yells that Gurpreet should be grateful to them for accepting Pari as their daughter-in-law of this family, otherwise no one was marrying Pari in Barnala.

She snarkily comments that Pari is very lucky that they have not thrown Pari out of this house till now even after everything.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet reminds Gurinder that she was the one who sold Rajeev to them.

Gurpreet announces that they bought Rajeev for Pari as Gurinder did not have respect in Barnala so Rajeev’s marriage was a way for her to climb the social ladder.

Hearing the truth, Gurinder glares at Gurpreet with fuming anger while Gurpreet shouts that she wants to lock Rajeev up in jail for betraying Pari.

Gurpreet makes it clear that she has the ability to make sure all the Bajwa family members get arrested which makes Gurinder lower her eyes in terror.

However, Gurinder quickly recovers from the terror and yells that she knows the real face of Pari now which is why she can believe that Pari has done all this to live in this luxury.

Gurpreet replies that she is only silent because of Pari, otherwise, she would teach Gurinder a lesson.

Meanwhile, Parminder tries her best to calm both Gurinder and Gurpreet down as she can understand Gurpreet’s frustration.

Parminder orders Gurinder to walk away when Bebe also arrives outside the Bajwa house and orders Gurpreet to close her mouth.

Bebe gaslights the situation even more by accusing Gurpreet of coming here to praise Pari in front of them.

Gurinder also speaks up, claiming that she is glad Neeti has chosen the abortion as Pari cannot do anything mow since it is Neeti’s baby.

Listening to Gurinder, a smirk appears on Bebe’s face because, for the first time, she and Gurinder are on same terms.

Parminder, on the other hand, just looks at Bebe and Gurinder with frustration, thinking that Gurinder was already a handful and now, Bebe has also joined her.

Just then, Pari arrives outside upon hearing the chaos and she instantly tries to calm Gurpreet down, saying that she knows that a misunderstanding is happening between her and the Bajwa family.

Pari explains that these people are her family and she cannot hear ill about them.

Parminder then orders Gurinder to take Bebe with her and as soon as Gurinder walks away with Bebe, she apologizes to Gurpreet for Gurinder's rude behavior.

She along with Pari begs Gurpreet to stay at the Bajwa house for the night yet Gurpreet refuses, claiming that Pari can trust these people but she has lost all respect for them.

After Gurpreet walks away, Pari and Parminder both go their separate ways and Parminder feels a conflict in her heart as she is not able to trust her decision.

Rajveer wakes up from sleep when Parminder enters the room and reveals to him about Gurpreet's allegations.

Hearing everything, Rajveer tells Parminder that they have indeed insulted Pari very much for the baby and that Parminder should be careful as she can make mistaken by being a leader of the family.

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