Parineeti 10th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 10th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev having a clash with Pari after which Neeti goes into her room which makes Pari feel bad.

She insists Rajeev ask for an apology from Neeti but he refuses and says that he didn't make any mistake so he won't ask for an apology after which Pari becomes sad which makes Rajeev feel bad so he agrees to ask for an apology from Neeti.

Meanwhile, the detective goes to Rajeev's room to set the camera after that he notices Neeti doing something wrong in his room and he gets some proof that Neet is the lady who tried to kill Pari.

He directly goes to meet Rajeev while Neeti gets to know about it and she becomes anxious after which she follows him while he is about to tell Rajeev that he has come to know the person who harmed Pari.

Neeti gives him some electric shock from behind where open wires are kept after which he gets unco then Rajeev and Pari bring him to their room and they become worried for him.

Then, Neeti also comes there and asks Rajeev and Pari to go downstair as guests are waiting for Pari's cake-cutting ceremony after which Rajeev takes Pari downstair along with him.

Just then, Neeti calls Bebe and she goes there after which she asks Neeti about the detective Neeti explains her everything and asks for help from Bebe.

Bebe asks Neeti to not worry after that she asks Neeti to go downstair otherwise someone will come there and doubt both of them so Neeti follows her instruction and goes from there.

On the other hand, Chandrika recalls how Neeti was dancing along with Rajeev after that Amit comes there and asks her what happened after which she tells him that Neeti is trying to take Pari's place in Rajeev's life.

Amit gets confused when Rajeev asks everyone to gather near the hall after which he confesses his love for Pari in front of everyone and tells everyone that Pari has added colors to his life after which everyone praises their couple.

Pari feels special while Beb calls her goon and asks him to come there and handle the detective whereas Rajeev thanks Pari for coming into his life which makes Neeti feel bad.

Meanwhile, Pari also thanks him for choosing her as his life partner and she says that she is blessed to be his wife after that she becomes emotional and tears roll down her eyes.

Then, Rajeev hugs Pari while Neeti makes a weird face and Pammi notices it Rajeev gives Mangal Sutra as a birthday gift to Pari which makes Neeti angry and she curses Pari from inside.

Rajeev ties the mangal sutra to Pari's neck which brings a smile to her face after that Rajeev says that Pari is the real reason for happiness in his life while Neeti murmurs that soon she will snatch all of his happiness.

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