Parineeti 10th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th November 2023 episode starts with Pari and Sanju being taken to the hospital by the fire brigadiers.

Neeti is at home, wondering about how Sanju almost died because of her and she starts crying when Bebe comes and hugs her.

However, Neeti expresses herself while questioning why Sanju comes to Pari’s rescue when she tries to kill her.

She adds that she is never going to forgive Pari for stealing Sanju away while Bebe tries to calm her down and goes to fetch water.

Neeti gets a call from someone whom she asks to meet with her as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Gurinder is crying a lot while everyone tries to explain to her that nothing will happen to Sanju.

Sukhwinder thinks to himself if they find out that Neeti is behind all this, they won’t forgive her.

Pammi notices Tiger walking in and going towards Neeti’s room when she follows him while the rest of the family goes to the city hospital to meet Sanju and Pari.

Neeti yells at Tiger leading him to reply that he wants his money right now to which Neeti states that she will not give him a penny as he did not do his job of killing Pari.

Pammi overhears everything and slaps Neeti while saying that she saw everything with her own eyes.

Neeti tries to defend herself but Pammi does not hear a thing and states that she is going to tell everything about this.

However, Neeti goes to Bebe who tells her that it is time to kill Pammi and she should use Tiger as he wants his money too.

Elsewhere, The doctor tells the nurse that the vitamins are okay and that Pari and Sanju will become conscious within half an hour, assuring her that the child is safe as well.

Neeti says that she is not a murderer to which Bebe replies that if she does not do it then Pammi will kill the possibility of a happy life for her.

Bebe tells her that nothing will happen to her but Neeti's whole life will be ruined as she has no option but to kill Pammi

Meanwhile, Bebe’s manipulation slowly goes through Neeti and she agrees to kill Pammi. 

Bebe calls Tiger, telling him that Pammi is going to tell the police everything about him to which he replies that he will kill her before she reaches her destination.

Neeti says that because of her, Sanju will lose Pammi when Bebe replies that it is either Pammi’s life or Neeti’s and she has to choose wisely.

However, Neeti says that she is very worried about Sanju and wants to visit him while Bebe asks her to go along with her to the hospital as Tiger will take care of Pammi.

Further, The driver tells Pammi that someone has been following them and to prove that, he will take a secluded route.

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