Parineeti 10th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 10th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 10th September 2023 episode starts with Bebe asking Rajeev whether he can see Neeti's condition or not as she feels that he does not love her.

Rajeev says that he is going to see her so he goes to his room and tries to talk to Neeti and also confesses that he loves her a lot whereas Neeti recalls Rajeev and Pari's marriage.

She goes to sleep while being confused about whether to trust him or not while Babli tells Pari that she is tensed because Neeti has got to know about her and Rajeev's marriage.

Babli explains to her that Rajeev is her life and asks her to talk with Neeti and start living as a sister as they used to live.

Pari scolds her and asks her to switch off the light while she starts crying.

The next morning, Parminder and Gurinder get busy decorating the house when Neeti comes there so Gurinder asks her to help decorate.

After that, Pari comes there and they both recall their argument and Gurinder calls Neeti to decorate Krishna ji's swing while Parminder asks Pari to help her so that his shadow can be inculcated inside the baby in her womb.

Neeti gets angry and goes from there while Pari goes to the kitchen where she finds Rajeev making juice for Neeti so she asks him if she can help him.

Rajeev says that Pari is too cute as she is helping him instead of completing her work.

Meanwhile, Babli comes there and makes Pari realize that Rajeev also loves her but Pari explains to her it's not love, it is just care while Babli regrets that her sister is sacrificing her love for friendship.

She still tries to convince her to sort things out with Neeti and asks her to live happily but Pari doesn't agree.

Rather, she asks Babli to keep her mouth locked and requests her to not disclose the things in front of Neeti.

On the other hand, Neeti roams in her room while Bebe comes there and asks what happened to her.

Neeti tells her that she doesn't feel like a daughter-in-law in this house as everyone only loves Pari.

She tells how Parminder treated her by giving her rights to Pari and Chandrika also supported her which makes her feel heartbroken.

She also says that her husband doesn't care for her till then Rajeev comes there and he hears her saying that he has changed as earlier he used to take care of her and also used to plan various surprises to make her feel special.

Neeti says that now there isn't any spark in their relationship and suddenly she makes eye contact with Rajeev while Bebe gets nervous so she says that Neeti was praising him.

Rajeev says that he heard everything while Neeti notices juice in his hand so he comes close to her and holds her hand while giving her the juice.

He says that due to some unwanted reasons he was not able to show love and care to her.

However, now he will do everything for her as she deserves it.

Neeti smiles while Rajeev makes her drink juice and they both get lost in a romantic moment and forget that Bebe is watching them.

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