Parineeti 11th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 11th April 2023 episode starts with Neeti saying that she knows that people sacrifice their life for their friends yet she is harming Pari.

Bebe gaslights Neeti

She justifies her actions by stating that it is written in the scriptures that the one who tolerates crime is the bigger culprit than the one who commits the crime.

Just then, Bebe enters Neeti’s room to order her to call Pari if she is going to visit Rajeev’s office or not and Pari replies to Neeti that she cannot go to Rajeev’s office due to the bad traffic.

Neeti and Bebe both get nervous upon hearing this Neeti asks Pari again to clarify the location so as soon as Pari reveals the location, Neeti cuts the call.

With a scared expression, Neeti questions Bebe if she is doing things right or not and Bebe orders Neeti to not overthink.

Ravi- Kavya's wedding

Meanwhile, at Randhawa’s mansion, Mandeep says that Kavya wants to go to abroad for her honeymoon.

Harneet then urges Kavya to come to the mandap as Ravi is waiting for her and Kavya gets excited while Biji enters the room.

To prevent Biji from seeing Pratiksha whose hair is visible through the old blanket, Manvi stands in front of it and urges Biji to take Kavya to the mandap.

Biji takes Kavya to the mandap where Ravi is waiting for her with a pensive look on his face but as Kavya sits for the puja, the priest announces that the puja will being again.

As the puja rituals continue, Ravi hesitates to do his part since he gets flashbacks of Pratiksha and him during the wedding.

Kavya blames Pratiksha’s black shadow for Ravi’s ruined mood while Ravi just sits through the puja with growing hesitation.

Gurpreet's hesitation

On the other hand, Gurpreet and her Biji are preparing the mango pickle when Gurpreet gets a call from Parminder who urges Gurpreet to spend some time with Pari since Pari is pregnant.

Gurpreet simply states Pari does not want to leave Neeti and the Bajwa family but Biji takes the phone from Gurpreet’s hand to inform Parminder that they will come the next day to bring Pari home.

Back in Randhawa’s house, Amardeep and Mandeep joke about their Manali honeymoon while Kavya and Ravi continue doing their wedding rituals.

The priest orders Manvi to bring the chunri for the gatbandhan ritual so Manvi runs to her room to collect it with Gulshan following her.

Gulshan questions Manvi if she is sure Pratiksha will not ruin Kavya’s marriage anymore and Manvi replies that she has kept two guards to keep an eye on Pratiksha.

Pari gets saved

Meanwhile, in the hall, Deepanshu makes fun of Ravi for marrying Kavya when technically he is still married to Pratiksa while Kavya rolls her eyes after hearing this.

Deepanshu does not get the chance to instigate Kavya any longer as Manvi arrives there to request Aditya to bring a chunri for Kavya.

Coming back to Pari, she gets out of the taxi as she assumes she will be late due to traffic so Raghu who is watching her from distance decides to attack her.

Raghu's luck is not in his favor as his goon fails to hit Pari with his truck since Pari moves away from the main road due to the sudden arrival of a motorbike.

His anger continues to rise when he gets a call from Bebe about why Pari's accident is not done but Bebe puts Raghu in his place by reminding him about having photographs of him dumping a body in the lake.

As Bebe cuts the call, Neeti walks in to express her guilt for hurting Pari but Bebe makes Neeti understand that "sautens" are supposed to be ripping each other's heads off not caring for each other.

Pratiksha escapes 

Back in Randhawa's house, Pratiksha escapes the goons after distracting them while the goons yell at her from a distance.

Meanwhile, Deepanshu and Aditya are called a "gay couple" by some aunties when Deepanshu stumbles on his feet and Aditya holds him in his arms.

Aditya cringes very hard as he imagines Deepanshu dancing around him in a lehenga while he buys the chunri.

He then notices Pari at a distance buying bangles.

On the other hand, Neeti doubts Rajeev's love for her as Rajeev plants a soft kiss on her forehead, realizing that Rajeev's love is confusing her.

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