Parineeti 11th February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 11th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 11th February 2024 episode starts with Rajeev, Neeti, and Pari beating up the goons and running away after which they spot the car and try to drive away in it.

However, the goons catch up to them and drag them out.

One of the goon starts beating up Rajeev and says that he will beat him to his death until Pari and Neeti go inside.

Pari says that they are ready to go inside but they should stop hitting Rajeev however Rajeev begs Pari and Neeti not to go.

The goons drag Pari and Neeti inside while Rajeev is being beaten up.

Meanwhile, Pammi and Rajveer are talking and Rajveer is asking her to calm down.

Pammi gets a call from the hospital informing her that Sukhwinder got into a very bad accident.

Bebe and Chandrika enter and find out about it after which they all decide to go visit Sukhwinder.

Elsewhere, Neeti picks up a rock and hits it on the goons which makes Pari do the same.

Neeti then goes and beats the goons around Rajeev after which they break into another car and drive away.

Back at the hospital, Pammi feels guilty for everything she said to Sukhwinder and this is all because of Neeti.

Bebe asks Pammi to shut up as she has said enough.

She bashes Pammi badly and blames Pammi for Sukhwinder's condition.

The doctor comes out and says that the night will be very critical and that the clear reports will be evident tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the car in which Rajeev, Pari, and Neeti are is slowly breaking down which makes them disguise themselves and blend with some religious-minded people in a rally.

The goons reach there however they are not able to spot Rajeev, Pari, and Neeti.

The three go into the temple and think of a way to escape the eyes of the goons.

Pari suggests that they spend the night over here only so that the goons go back home.

The next day, Pari makes up next to Neeti who spent the whole night cuddling her.

A pandit comes there and asks what are they doing over here which makes Rajeev rush to him and ask if he can make a quick call using his phone.

Pari sees that Neeti is injured and asks if she is okay to which Neeti says that she is fine.

Rajeev calls Pammi, Pammi answers the phone hurriedly and asks where are they and if they are hurt.

Rajeev says that he is okay and so are Pari and Neeti however they decide to spend the night at the temple so that they can make sure that no one follows them.

Pammi says that it is all fine however Rajeev has to quickly come to the city hospital along with Neeti as Sukhwinder is admitted and got into an accident.

Rajeev hangs up the call in shock and informs Pari and Neeti.

Meanwhile, Pammi informs everyone that Pari and Neeti are both alright which makes Bebe say that thankfully Pammi's stupidity did not cost Neeti her life.

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