Parineeti 11th July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th July 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 11th July 2023 episode starts with Pari staring at her reflection in the mirror with a somber expression on her face.

She then picks up an earring distantly to wear which falls from her hand and as she picks it up from the floor, she fails again to wear it.

Her face suddenly lights up as this time Rajeev arrives in the room and he puts the earring on her ear.

Rajeev starts decorating Pari for the wedding with a heavy heart while Pari stares at him longingly without saying anything.

When Rajeev kneels in front of Pari, he puts Pari’s feet on his knees to tie the anklet around her feet, bringing hot tears to Pari’s eyes.

However, PariRaj’s closeness gets noticed by Neeti who has arrived at the door but before she can furiously march up to them, Bebe drags her away.

Neeti runs away from there in tears with Bebe following her and Bebe finds Neeti sobbing in her room.

Crying Neeti asks Bebe how much pain she will have to endure while Bebe softly ruffles Neeti’s hair, saying that in just a few moments Pari will leave the Bajwa house so after that Neeti will live happily.

Hearing this, Neeti pleads with Bebe to give her some alone time which Bebe gladly accepts.

After Bebe walks away, she starts crying harder when she imagines Rajeev hugging her from behind who wipes the tears from her eyes but soon the smile vanishes from Neeti’s face as she realizes that she was imagining a pillow to be Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Pari pleads with Rajeev to forgive her who in return confesses that he cannot stay mad at Pari for long.

He then also apologizes to Pari for being mean to which Pari replies that no one is at fault here except time and situation.

She claims that she is not feeling excited about marrying Rakesh when Rajeev once again expresses his confusion regarding Pari’s marriage with Rakesh who is a monster.

On the other hand, the Bajwa family welcomes Rakesh and the Ahlawat family with half enthusiasm.

Gurinder does Rakesh’s aarti after which Rakesh again starts dancing in happiness which makes everyone irritated by his behavior.

When Rajeev hears the sound of barat, he lets Pari know in a very sad voice.

Meanwhile, Pari reveals that she is feeling as if she leaving her own family to leave with some strangers with so much pain in her voice.

Looking at Pari with love, Rajeev tells her that he wants Pari to remember him without any anger and Pari gazes at Rajeev's face with tears blurring her vision.

At the same time, Chandrika arrives there to take Pari away and when Pari parts her way with Rajeev, both of their heart shatter into pieces.

Pari feels scared as she takes her seat beside Rakesh in the mandap who throws flower petals at Pari excitedly.

However, Pari just keeps looking at Rajeev only who has zero expression on his face.

The priest asks Pari to put her hand on Rakesh's hand for the next ritual and Rakesh forcefully puts Pari's hand over his when she refuses to raise her hand.

Rakesh also looks at Rajeev with a mocking smile which makes Rajeev's blood boil yet he keeps his calm.

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