Parineeti 11th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 11th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder manipulating Rajeev and she sends him from there and they manage to find Pari over there.

Pari gets anxious and she requests her to let her go from there and tells Gurinder that she will not call her mother and will never interfere with her things.

She tells Daljeet that she is not interested in Pammi's property and requests Neeti to not kill her and assures her that she will not come back into Rajeev's life.

Rakesh says that they cannot believe her as she can change her mind anytime and Neeti asks her to not worry and says that she will look after Gurpreet and find a suitable groom for Babli.

Pari joins hands in front of them and says that she wants to live with her mother and sister while Gurinder says that she wants her to die after that both Neeti and Gurinder push her from the mountain.

Then, Pari's leg slips and she falls from there but she still manages to hold the branch of the tree so that she cannot fall while Rajeev comes there which makes Neeti and Gurinder anxious.

Neeti stops him from coming near the cliff and Gurinder also comes there they both lie to Rajeev that Pari's leg slipped and she fell from the cliff which makes Rajeev angry at Neeti.

Gurinder asks Rajeev to not waste his time and find Pari so he goes to bring rope so that he can find her while Neeti acts acting front of Pari and behaves as if Rajeev is there.

Neeti acts and pretends to talk to Rajeev and says that she did the work and pushes Pari from the cliff to make Pari believe that Rajeev does not love her which breaks Pari's heart.

Pari recalls the moment when Rajeev confessed his feelings to her and told her that she was everything to him, but she murmured that she never expected this thing from Rajeev and that he would ditch her like this.

Later, Neeti along with Gurinder, Daljeet, and Rakesh tries to force Pari to suicide and says that no one loves her neither Rajeev nor Gurinder and no one needs her in their life so it's a waste that she lives for them.

They force her to die while Pari prays to god and asks him to save her from ongoing things while Rajeev brings the rope and throws it near to Pari and asks her to catch it and come up.

Pari does not listen to what Rajeev says which makes him anxious after which Gurinder and Neeti try to stop him while cliff breaks on its own and Pari is about to fall and she notices Rajeev holding the stone and she recalls Neeti's words that Rajeev has gone to bring the stone to throw on her so that she can fall and suddenly she falls.

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