Parineeti 11th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 11th March 2023 episode starts with everybody getting seated for pooja just when Panditji asks for Prashad (holy sweets) and Pari goes to bring it.

Neeti asks why Pari looks upset and Pari discloses that she is confused, as for a few days accidents are happening to her.

She continues, saying she mistakenly added garlic to the prashad, instead of cashews, listening to which Neeti acts as if she is surprised.

Pari reveals that thankfully, she kept half "Prashad" side and got saved in the situation.

All of a sudden, the police arrive home and ask Rajveev to go Police station as the bridge made by him has collapsed.

Everybody is taken aback by this and tries to explain that Rajeev can never commit a such an unlawful act.

They try to stop the Police from arresting Rajeev but nothing works.

The media arrives at the scene and start questioning Rajeev and blames him since he was the senior architect in the project he must have done cost-cutting to save money.

Neeti follows the police and reaches the police station along with them and stops Inspector to put Rajeev in lockup as his crime has not been proven yet.

Pari also runs behind their car but faints and Gurinder and Parminder bring her home and she regains consciousness.

Neeti reaches the police station and argues with Inspector to behave politely with Rajeev but Neeti’s attitude makes him annoyed and he starts behaving more strictly with Rajeev.

Rajveer, Monty and Amit tries to arrange a lawyer for the case and hurriedly describe the situation to the lawyer but he denies that he is busy today with other cases and cannot take this case.

Monty gets into a heated discussion with Lawyer as to why he wasted their time.

The lawyer later discloses to his colleague that this is a serious case and that, Rajeev is bound to be arrested so he can not spoil his career by taking such a case.

At Police Station, Neeti argues with Inspector to treat Rajeev with respect as he is not a terrorist and denies leaving the Police Station unless she takes Rajeev out.

Rajeev shouts at Neeti to stop the drama as this will tangle the case more but Neeti snaps back at him to support her rather than be afraid of Inspector.

Irritated by family drama, the Inspector puts Neeti too in the lock-up.

Rajeev is enraged over Neeti for complicating the situation just because of speaking thoughtlessly.

At home Beeji, Chandrika, Gurinder, and Parminder are worried for Rajeev after getting the updates from the television.

Rajveer and Amit try to hire another lawyer but he too denies taking the case as the death count is still increasing and it seems a lost case already.

Pari reaches the police station and is shocked to see Neeti too behind the bars.

Pari requests Inspector to release her but Neeti stops her from begging him and suggests to better call the media.

Inspector asks Pari to leave or else he will put her too behind the bar.

Pari apologizes on Neeti’s behalf and tries to convince Inspector that Neeti is not in good health and that is the reason she behaved so recklessly.

She even mentions that Neeti’s mind is not in the right state because of her health and begs him to release her.

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