Parineeti 11th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari asking Neeti why she pushed Gurinder from the terrace which makes Neeti anxious.

Neeti wonders what lie will she tell Pari to safeguard herself while Pari holds her hands and asks her to answer her question by looking into her eyes.

After that, Neeti lies to her that she was not able to save Gurinder because she was standing at a huge distance from her and suddenly she loses her balance and falls.

Pari believes in her while Neeti starts crying and cursing herself asking why didn't she save Gurinder after which Pari hugs her and asks her to not blame herself for everything.

Just then, Pammi comes there and slaps tightly on Neeti's face and asks her why she harmed Gurinder after which Neeti gives a shocking expression pretending that she is innocent.

Pammi does not believe in her and blames Neeti for Gurinder's condition after which Pari takes Neeti's stand then Pammi scolds Pari for defending Neeti every time.

She asks Pari to come out of her friendship and focus on her relations with her in-laws after that she goes from there while Neeti thanks Pari for defending her in front of everyone otherwise Pammi would have proved her culprit in front of everyone.

Just then, the inspector is being admitted to the hospital and he tries to signal towards Neeti but she takes a step back due to which Pari gets confused and does not understand what to do.

After some time, Amit comes there crying and asking what happened to Gurinder then Pammi narrates him everything after which he starts panicking then Rajeev tries to console her.

In the meantime, the doctor comes there and tells the Bajwa family that there are fewer chances of Gurinder's survival which breaks everyone's heart.

After that, the doctor tells them that Gurinder's cerebellum is completely damaged and the left portion of the hemisphere is not responding properly due to which the chances of her survival are just two 

Rajeev cries his lungs out after which Pari comes and tries to console him saying that nothing wrong will happen to Gurinder and asks him to have faith in god.

Meanwhile, Neeti overhears their conversation whereas Pari notices her after which Neeti tells her that she was just passing from there.

Later, the police came to investigate of case and tell that he needed to go to the house to investigate where Gurinder fell.

Neeti tells them that she will come along with them as she forgot her phone so she goes to Shally's house along with the police.

After reaching there she decides to go upstairs and clean everything against her so that no one can doubt her so she quickly goes upstairs and cleans away half of the things.

Just then, an inspector comes upstairs after which Neeti hides from there but the Inspector notices her after which they ask her what is she doing there.

Neeti lies to him that she came there to take the first aid box but could not find it anywhere after which Shally helps her in finding it.

On the other hand, Pammi feels bad for Gurinder and asks why god is doing injustice to Amit and Rajeev by snatching their father first and after that putting Gurinder in that condition.

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