Parineeti 11th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 11th May 2023 episode starts with Parminder telling Rajveer that she is worried that she will provide justice to Neeti which will cause injustice to Pari.

She explains that as Pari’s mom, Neeti’s mother-in-law, and the grandmother of the unborn child she feels she is the one who will be defeated in this.

Rajveer advises Parminder not to be stressed about all this and Parminder finally closes her eyes to fall asleep.

The next morning, Parminder gets surprised to find Pari’s room empty so she starts looking around the house to find Pari but when she asks everyone in the hall about Pari, Neeti suddenly yells that Pari is creating another mess now.

She shouts that Pari has already ruined her life once and now, she is creating another drama again while Parminder urges Neeti to close her mouth.

Parminder claims that Pari must be in the house only when Gurinder yells that she should have thrown Pari out of the house earlier because Pari always plays games.

At the same time, Bebe gaslights everyone against Pari, suggesting Pari must have run away from the house with the baby so they should call the police now.

Hearing this, Rajeev gets agitated and he orders Bebe to keep her mouth closed as he is sure Pari has not gone anywhere.

Bebe then reveals how Gurpreet came last night so she can gaslight everyone even more, which is a shock for Neeti and Rajeev.

Unbothered by Bebe’s constant remarks, Parminder orders Rajeev to look for Pari, and as Rajeev starts looking around for Pari, he mutters sadly that no one in this family thinks about him.

He soon finds Pari in front of Matarani’s idol asking, why she is going through all this after doing everything for this family.

Rajeev watches with unshed tears in his eyes as Pari cryingly tells Matarani that she would never try to harm Neeti’s baby and as Pari turns around, he appears in front of her.

Pari urges Rajeev to trust her one last time as she does not know why the doctor wanted to abort the baby to which Rajeev replies that if it was only him, he would have trusted Pari blindly but his baby is also involved.

Rajeev clarifies that like other dads he also has dreams for his baby and that Pari is the one who brought this on her so now she has to go through this when Pari again begs him to support her.

Looking at Rajeev's eyes, Pari finally realizes that he is not going to listen to her so she agrees to abort the baby just like everyone wants.

However, when Pari walks into the hall, she falls to the floor unconscious and everyone gathers around her to check.

Neeti gets scared to see Pari in this situation so she pleads with god to cure Pari as she assumes that Pari is suffering because of her while Parminder calls the doctor to check on Pari.

Later, as the doctor examines Pari, Bebe yells that Pari is doing drama to keep the baby since she never got dizzy during pregnancy but everyone orders her to shut up.

Just then, the doctor explains to everyone that she cannot do Pari's abortion today as Pari is very weak, instead, they should wait for some time.

Bebe tries to change everyone's mind, claiming that Pari is perfectly fine while Neeti looks at Bebe disappointed.

Meanwhile, Rajveer announces that Pari has been a pillar in front of them so now they cannot abandon Pari.

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