Parineeti 11th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Bebe looking after the detective and she waits for her detective to come soon whereas Pari and Rajeev also worry for him.

They go to see him but Bebe asks them to enjoy themselves as she will manage things after that they go from there whereas Neeti goes to see him and finds that he has gained consciousness after that she tries to behave well in front of him but he remembers everything.

He does not react to Neeti after which she tells him that she has called the doctor for him but he says that she will require a doctor when he will call Rajeev and tell him everything.

Neeti tries to convince him by giving money to him but he does not listen to her after which she does emotional drama in front of him and says that she is Rajeev's actual wife while Pari has snatched Rajeev from her.

Just then, Rajeev and Monty come there after which Neeti locks him in Pari's room while Pari gets to know that the waiter is a detective she asks Neeti about it but Neeti says that she does not know about it.

Neeti asks her to question Rajeev about it after that Neeti meets Gurinder and she scolds Neeti for again trying to harm Pari but Neeti goes from there.

Pari receives a call from Pammi and she asks her to bring the gift Pari goes into her room and notices a detective in her almirah after which she goes to tell Rajeev about it.

Neeti gets to know that Pari is going to tell Rajeev about it after that she asks Bebe and Gurinder to help her manage things.

She asks them to offer money to him so that he cannot tell anyone while Rajeev discusses the detective with Pammi that he hired him to find the woman who tried to kill Pari.

Neeti comes downstair opens the wire and touches it with Pari's hand after which she gets shocked while Rajeev tries to save her but he gets the current so Neeti closes the circuit switch so that Rajeev can be saved.

After that, Rajeev becomes unconscious while Pammi wonders who opened the wire but Neeti asks her to think about it later and they take him to a room so that he can have rest.

Pari goes to bring water for him while Neeti asks Rajeev if he has any problem with her after that Rajeev tells her that she isn't bad then she asks him why he behaves rudely with her.

Then, he tells her that the situation has made him behave rudely with her after that he asks for an apology from her which brings tears to Neeti's eyes.

Pari comes there and notices that Neeti is crying after that Neeti tells her that she is happy that at least Rajeev has understood her pain after that she goes from there.

Meanwhile, Pammi tells Gurinder that Pari has lost her baby after which Gurinder does drama in front of her and says that she will take care of Pari so that she can get pregnant again.

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