Parineeti 11th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 11th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 11th September 2023 episode starts with Neeti fighting for her rights with Pari and she accuses her of snatching her husband from her.

Pari again explains to her it is not the truth and she also requests her to not fight on Janamasthi eve today.

The next morning starts with Babli smelling garland and saying its fragrance is too soothing while Chandrika comes there and searches for Pari.

After that, Pari comes there and Chandrika scolds Pari for being late while also praising her beauty.

Babli asks to set garland in Pari's hair then both Chandrika and she decorate Pari's hair.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes there and secretly admires Pari's beauty while continuously staring at her and they share eye contact for a moment.

After that Rajeev enters the room and tells Chandrika that Pari looks gorgeous while Babli murmurs that it is the right time to leave them alone so that Rajeev can express his feelings to Pari.

Rajeev comes close to Pari and puts his hands in her hair while Pari blushes and closes her eyes then he decorates the garland in her hair with more grace.

Pari tells him that she is going to be a mother that's why her face is glowing so much while Neeti sees them together and gets angry.

Rajeev feels Neeti's presence and he runs behind her while Neeti asks him if she is looking more gorgeous than Pari.

Rajeev stands still and she again gets angry as she walks away from there.

Neeti comes into the hall and Bebe asks her why is she angry so she tells her that Rajeev is showing more interest in Pari and how she saw him praising Pari's beauty.

After a while, Pari comes and Neeti stares at her while saying that seriously Pari is looking more beautiful today while Bebe is shocked to see her praising Pari.

Meanwhile, all the family members and guests arrive in the hall while Gurinder says that both the girls are looking like Radha today.

Neeti tells her that Radha is the only one so Gurinder gives a challenge to both Pari and Neeti to dance like Radha Rani and she will gift her gold bangle to the one who will dance with more grace.

They both start dancing with grace and everyone admires them while Rajeev continuously stares at Pari.

Neeti spies Rajeev and she again starts dancing with rage against her and makes weird faces.

After that, both of them start dancing and Neeti thinks that Pari is winning so she throws her bangles on the floor so that Pari can get hurt.

Pari keeps on dancing without recognizing that the bangles are lying on the floor while Neeti feels happy to do this.

Suddenly, Pari steps on the bangle and blood starts coming from her toes but she keeps on dancing while hiding her pain.

Neeti observes everything and waits for Pari to stop dancing while Bebe also observes Neeti's tricks.

She murmurs that Neeti is more dangerous than her as she comes with up many ideas that no one can think about and sits on the sofa while smiling seeing Pari in pain.

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