Parineeti 12th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev taking Pari on the terrace for date night while Neeti gets jealous of Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari thanks Rajeev for thinking so much for her whereas Neeti also comes upstairs and keeps an eye on Rajeev and Pari.

Rajeev puts Pari’s hand on his heart after which he tells her that his heart always beats for her which breaks Neeti’s heart.

Neeti murmurs that a few days ago he used to say all these things to her but now he has completely changed and says that she never expected such things from Rajeev.

Rajeev asks Pari to dance along with him after which both of them do a romantic dance in front of Neeti’s eyes and she murmurs that earlier she used to love him but now she will snatch him from Pari.

She murmurs that this time she will fight God to get back him in her life after which she goes downstairs, and Chandrika asks her where she was.

Neeti tells her that she was helping Pari in getting ready after which Pammi asks god to keep blessing Pari and Rajeev like this always.

After that, Pammi tells Neeti that she also has a good destiny as she is going to marry a man like Shally who loves her a lot.

Shally asks Neeti to have dinner after which she sits there whereas Pari asks Rajeev to come downstair with her but Rajeev asks her to spend some more time upstairs along with him.

Rajeev asks Pari to always support him like this after which Pari tells him that she is his wife so it is her responsibility to protect him from all the problems.

On the other hand, Neeti expresses her anger and breaks the glass after which she goes from there while everyone wonders what happened to her.

Monty makes fun and asks if any monster has come inside Neeti after which Shally goes to see her while Bebe adds fuel to the situation and asks if Neeti has regained her memory.

Pammi becomes anxious and prays to God never to bring Past things again whereas Neeti recalls that she overreacted outside after which she murmurs that Pari is manipulating Rajeev.

Neeti also murmurs that she cannot express her anger in front of everyone otherwise her truth will come out while Shally listens to what she is saying.

Shally asks her what happened after which Neeti lies to him that she is tense these days after which he hugs her but she dislikes it and asks god to remove him from her life.

After that, she goes upstairs and acts like being injured after which she asks Rajeev to take her to the room so he picks up Neeti in his arms and brings her into her room.

He stretches her legs and she murmurs that Rajeev still has feelings for her she stares at him after which Rajeev asks her what happened.

Neeti lies to him that she is feeling more pain after which he consoles her while she murmurs that she will break Pari's marriage in the same way as she snatched Rajeev from her.

Shally comes there after which Neeti gets angry while Pari brings the spray after which Shally sprays the ointment on her feet but she dislikes it.

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