Parineeti 12th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 12th December 2023 episode starts with Haldi's function beginning and everyone excited for Rajeev and Pari’s wedding.

Meanwhile, an argument takes place between Rajveer and Pammi but she does not pay much attention to him and goes from there while Rajeev comes there.

Rajveer is happy to see him well dressed for the Haldi function and Jay also joins the party while Rajeev searches for Pari and Gurinder comes in his way.

Rajeev tells her that he will marry Pari at any cost now and calls Gurinder his but she says that she is his mother for just name sake because he has given all the authorities related to his life to Pammi.

He does not react to it and goes to see Pari whereas Bebe calls Neeti and shows her chemical powder which she is going to mix in Haldi.

Sukhwinder does not trust her as it does not show any effect on her hand.

Bebe tells her that it shows the effect on the face only but Neeti tries to act like Bebe cares for Pari not for her while Sukhwinder asks her why is she arguing with Bebe.

Bebe gives her signal that she is acting so that no one can feel that they are doing something wrong and asks Neeti to relax as she has checked the hall and no one is there.

After that, she discusses the further proceedings of the plan and Neeti sees Pammi behind her so she cuts the call.

Bebe wonders why she cut the call and hears Pammi’s voice and understands the reason why Neeti cut the call.

Meanwhile, Pammi comes there and asks what is she mixing in the haldi after which Bebe says that she is mixing herbals in it.

However, Pammi notices the chemical powder and she is about to pick it up but Bebe snatches it and throws it.

Pammi says that she will throw this haldi as she doubts Bebe for mixing chemicals in it but Bebe applies it on her face and Pammi gets ashamed for doubting Bebe.

Meanwhile, Rajeev panics because he does not find Pari in her room but she comes from behind and consoles him.

She says that she is there only whereas Neeti gets tensed and thinks that Pammi might have learned the truth that they are planning against Pari.

Sukhwinder consoles her and asks her to keep faith in God whereas Pari assures Rajeev that she will never leave him alone.

Pari says that she was closer to her father and she tells him that her father was soft from the inside and just acted hard from the outside.

Rajeev regrets not being available for Pari at that moment and he promises her that he will never leave her alone.

After that, he asks her to come along with him for Haldi and says that he does not want to take any risk as he doubts that she will change her mind so he holds her hand and takes her to the hall for Haldi.

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