Parineeti 12th February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 12th February 2024 episode starts with Neeti praying to god and asking him to help her mother recover faster.

She starts crying as Pari notices her crying so she comes to console her while Neeti asks her why god is doing wrong with her mother.

Neeti says that she is ready to bear any punishment for herself but in return, she wants Sukhwinder well after which Pari tells her that she is doing ardas continuously for Sukhwinder's recovery.

Suddenly, Neeti starts coughing so Pari goes to bring water for her while Rakesh's goon comes there and gives her anesthesia making her unconscious after which he disappears from the hospital.

He informs the lady that he is coming with Neeti but she asks him to bring Pari too while Gurinder asks Rajeev to tell her what is happening in the house and even if she has some importance in the family or not.

She complains and asks why no one is informed about Sukhwinder's accident whereas Pari finds Rakesh's goon taking away Neeti from there after which she asks Rajeev to help.

Rajeev comes there and fights with Goon after which he runs from there while Rajveer asks the doctor to check Neeti.

The doctor tells Bajwa that someone has given chloroform to her so she will be fine after some time.

In the meantime, Pari thanks Pammi for taking care of Sukhwinder after which Pammi tells her that she did for humanity while Pari requests her to allow Neeti to stay along with them.

Pammi tells her that it is not right so she does not allow her to make Neeti stay at their home whereas Rajeev comes there and tells them that Neeti has gained consciousness.

After that, the doctor says that they will keep Sukhwinder under observation until she recovers while Gurinder says that Neeti will live along with them unless Sukhwinder recovers.

Neeti recalls Pammi's words and says that she will stay with her aunt after which Pari and Bebe insist she stay with them.

After that, Rajveer also insists she stays but Neeti denies it Pammi says that Neeti is not a small child so she can look after herself but at the same time, she says that unless Sukhwinder recovers Neeti has to stay with them.

Pari becomes happy and Neeti also becomes cheerful as she gets more time to spend with Pari after which they return home.

Neeti stands at the main door of the house and asks Rajeev to help her in going to her room so he holds her hand and helps her.

Then, Pari takes care of her and gives medicine to her while Pammi gets angry seeing Pari working like a servant for Neeti and she goes from there.

In the meantime, Rajeev also goes from there while Neeti asks Pari if she felt bad in the hospital when she refused to come along with her.

Pari says that there isn't anything like that after which Neeti tells her that she loves spending time with her.

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