Parineeti 12th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 12th January 2024 episode starts with Pari asking Pammi if she has committed any mistake that she is asking her to call off the wedding.

Pammi says that she overheard Pari's conversation with Rajeev and knows that she blames herself for Neeti's condition and also knows that she feels Rajeev is cold-hearted.

She says that it is her decision now if she wants to get married to Rajeev or not.

Babli enters and says that Pari is naive which makes Pari say that Neeti is her friend and that is why she can't think bad for her however she does not feel that Neeti and Rajeev are meant for each other and that is why she will marry Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder is angrily packing Neeti's bag and tells her that her and Rajeev's love story has come to an end.

She tells Neeti to understand as Sanju always belonged to Pari which makes Neeti say that if Sukhwinder utters another word then she will kill herself.

Sukhwinder says that she will take Neeti away for some days to get her mind straight.

She then takes Neeti to Pari's wedding in disguise to show Neeti how happy Pari and Rajeev are.

Elsewhere, Rakesh tells his goon to start preparing for a wedding as he is bringing Pari along with him.

Meanwhile, Pari and Pammi go downstairs when the Baraat enters.

Rajeev and everyone enter and start dancing joyfully while Pammi welcomes them.

Rakesh and his goons dress up in black attire and head towards the wedding.

Pammi's husband tells Pammi that he will not let Pari marry Rajeev which makes Gurinder and Bebe very happy however to their surprise he continues to say that he will not let the marriage take place without a solo dance performance with his wife.

Pammi joins him on the stage and starts performing the Bhangda after which she calls Pari and Rajeev to dance along with them.

By mistake, Rajeev trips on Neeti who has covered her face in a veil which makes Rajeev think that maybe it is Neeti and decides to follow her.

He follows Neeti to a room while she hides behind a cupboard and wishes that Sanju does not spot her.

Before Rajeev can see Neeti, he gets a call from someone and thus heads outside of the room to get a proper connection.

He then spots Sukhwinder but does not recognize her as she is also in a veil however he asks her why is she covering her face.

Bebe enters and saves Sukhwinder and Neeti by saying that some women cover their faces and she likes that as it is very rare in the modern world they are living in.

Rajeev then goes back to his wedding while Rakesh and his goons hide from him as they are already in the house.

Rajeev feels as if someone is there and decides to give it a look which makes Rakesh prepare himself with a knife.

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