Parineeti 12th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rakesh laughing and saying that now Pari will not create chaos in his life anymore.

Meanwhile, Neeti argues with Gurinder and they blame each other for not listening to each other and cooperating while Neeti asks her to be within her limits instead of scolding her and she reminds her that she isn't Pari.

Bebe comes over there and says that she is having serious pain in her knees and she is not able to move and she insists them take her to the hospital for an operation while Neeti ignores her and scolds her saying that they are worried about the chaos that has been created.

Neeti tells Bebe whatever has happened and she shows the recording to Bebe which she has done to show Pari that Rajeev does not love her and he even wants her to die soon.

Bebe is shocked to hear it Daljeet calls Neeti and tells her that he tried to find Pari but couldn't find her anywhere after which Neeti gets angry with him.

Then, he tells her after getting information from Rakesh that Pari has drowned inside the river and Rakesh has gone behind her to see her.

After that, Neeti also comes along with Gurinder and Bebe while Rajeev also comes there and he directly jumps into the river after seeing Pari drowning in the water.

Rakesh gets terrified seeing the snake coming near to him after which he tries to keep it aside with a stick while Gurinder and Neeti become worried seeing Rajeev going inside the river to find Pari.

Gurinder becomes anxious and says that she wants her Rajeev to come safely but at the same time she wants Pari's dead body otherwise Rajeev will get to know about their truth and he will start hating them.

Daljeet tells them that he had a conversation with Rakesh and he has gone to bring back Rajeev from the river whereas Gurinder does not believe in him and starts crying after which Neeti gets irritated and asks her to have patience for some time.

Rakesh tries to kill Pari by shooting with his gun but it suddenly stops working whereas Rajeev is not able to breathe due to the heavy flow of water by collecting some courage he takes a deep dive inside the river to find Pari and he successfully finds her from there.

Pari is unconscious but he tries to wake her up and suddenly his leg gets stuck in the thriver due to which Pari's hand slips from his hands and she is about to go far away from there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev anyhow manages to bring her back from the water and Neeti is shocked to see her while Rajeev keeps her down and finds that the lady is someone else in place of Pari.

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