Parineeti 12th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 12th March 2023 episode starts with Pari agreeing to Inspector and accepting Neeti’s mistake.

Pari tries to convince Inspector to release Neeti as she is not in her right mind after seeing her husband behind the bars.

She requests him to empathise with Neeti’s condition and let her go.

Inspector comes in terms with her but only on one condition if Pari takes her guarantee.

Pari instantly agrees but as Neeti comes out of the lockup she starts blabbering again and this makes Inspector furious. 

When Pari tries to stop Neeti she starts an argument with her and finally, Sanju yells at her to stop it.

After witnessing Sanju’s rage Neeti  starts to cry and leaves the station alone.

Neeti was heartbroken as she did everything for Sanju and he insulted her and she even blames Pari for belittling her.

At the same time, Rajveer arrives with Amit and Monty to console Sanju and be patient.

He informs that lawyer will arrive in sometime but Sanju realises that he is lying and that no lawyer must have agreed to take his case.

As everyone leaves Sanju asks Pari to take care of Neeti and herself, especially the baby.

Neeti reaches home and informs everyone that Rajveer must not have made the effort which is why they did not find any lawyer.

She blames everyone and says nobody is making enough efforts and sitting aimlessly at home.

She continues that they would have gone to any extent if it was Pari but they do not care about Sanju.

Parminder and Gurinder  are enraged by her this accusation and asks her to shut up as she has no sense of speaking.

She can only talk and have no patience, unlike Pari who always acts thoughtfully.

Beeji takes advantage of the situation and provokes Neeti to lead the situation and asks her to by any means find the lawyer that too before Pari.

As whoever will help in Sanju’s release will be proven as the most deserving daughter-in-law.

Neeti gets trapped in Beeji’s words and takes the responsibility herself to free Sanju first.

Two accusers advice Sanju to not surrender as the inspector is strict and will torture him more, this scares Sanju more.

Beeji supports Neeti mentioning her qualities and how much she cares about the family. She tries to taunt Pari and create tension between them.

Neeti discloses she is going to meet the biggest lawyer in town Mr Malkhani and Pari and Gurinder accompany her.

Beeji intentionally pushes Gurinder and both of them fall after which she whispers to Neeti to not take Pari along with her.

Neeti then asks Pari to stay at home with Parminder and instead Beeji tags along with her.

Then Parminder discloses that she is not feeling well and asks Pari to take her to see Sanju.

Both of them reaches at the Police station but Inspector does not let them see Sanju.

Pari pleads to him and try the magic of her words but nothing works and he still denies it.

At the lawyer’s office, his colleagues inform Neeti that Police are going to create a problem in this case and make it more complex.

This disappoints Neeti as she underestimated the Police’s role in the whole situation and already messed up the situation with Inspector.

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