Parineeti 12th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the doctor telling Rajeev and the Bajwa family that there are very few chances of Gurinder's survival because a major portion of her brain has been damaged.

Rajeev loses his control and yells at the doctor for saying this after which the doctor also tells him that there is a huge blood loss, and he asks Rajeev to arrange O negative blood group as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Pari asks Rajeev to calm after which he asks for an apology from the doctor whereas Neeti waits for Gurinder's demise.

Just then, the Police come and say that it's impossible to find who had pushed Gurinder from the terrace after which Pammi stares at Neeti which makes Neeti anxious.

After that, Pammi goes to the temple for Gurinder whereas everyone goes to arrange for blood, but they fail to arrange after which Pari assures Rajeev that she will arrange for the blood.

Neeti murmurs that she will end Gurinder's game so no blood will be required whereas Pari meets Nurse and asks if they will succeed in arranging the blood.

The nurse tells her that a major casualty has happened due to a huge shortage of blood in the hospital after that Pari decides to ask for help from her friend.

Pari tells about this thing to Rajeev that she is going for help from her friend while Neeti overhears their conversation and decides that she will kill Gurinder before Pari returns.

On the other hand, Pammi asks Chandrika to go to Kuldevi's mandir and pray from God over there as she needs everyone's blessings this time while Neeti overhears their conversation too.

Then, Shally asks Neeti if she will not pray for Gurinder after which she prays to God for supporting her whereas Pammi asks Shally to come along with her to see Gurinder.

Pari meets her friend after which she gets blood from her friend and Rajeev calls her after which she tells Rajeev that she is reaching in fifteen minutes while the doctor says that they can only wait for half an hour otherwise the case will become complicated.

However, Pari gets stuck in traffic which makes her anxious while the driver tells her that it will take a long time, so he suggests her go walking so Pari comes out of the car and goes to the hospital on her own.

Meanwhile, Neeti becomes tense when she gets to know that Pari has arranged the blood, and she is reaching there in a few minutes so she decides to kill Gurinder at that time otherwise her truth will come out in front of everyone.

She murmurs that this hospital is full of chaos while Shally tells her that Pari has arranged blood for Gurinder after which she asks Bajwa's to stand away from there because the nurse scolded her for standing in front of the Patient's room.

Rajeev says that he will not leave his mother alone but Pammi takes him away from there whereas Pari reaches there along with the blood.

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