Parineeti 12th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 12th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 12th May 2023 episode starts with Rajveer telling Bebe that this time they should support Pari instead of bringing her down.

Bebe replies that she will accept Rajveer’s words but she is sure this Pari is doing drama so no one should blame her cryingly later about it and she walks away sternly.

After Bebe walks away, Rajeev looks at Pari, feeling sorry for himself because it is killing him to think that he has to abort his own baby in spite of not wanting it but he cannot force Pari to give birth to his baby.

He further says in his mind Pari will always be the one who has shielded him and Neeti from the problems coming their way.

At the same time, Rajeev gets a call from the police officer who orders him to arrive at the police station for some emergency which catches Neeti off guard.

Neeti urges Rajeev to take her with him to the police station with a nervous look on her face while Rajeev advises Neeti to stay with Pari as she is ill and Monty announces that he will go with Rajeev now.

Parminder too orders Neeti to stay at home with Pari which causes Neeti to think that she should not agree to Bebe’s all plans as now she is going to get into trouble now.

On the other hand, Bebe tries to bribe Doctor Maya, saying that she will give her more money to do Pari’s abortion today only.

Maya denies it as Pari is not mentally and physically stable for the abortion right now and if they force Pari’s abortion, she can die.

Bebe’s eyes become big in excitement upon hearing this so she informs Maya that she will give her double the money if she does Pari’s abortion today but Maya denies it.

Just then, Neeti arrives there, telling Maya that Bebe considers her as a daughter so Bebe is always possessive for her and Maya replies that she is doing this only because she also cannot tolerate a second woman in a man’s life.

As Maya walks away, Neeti reveals to Bebe that the police inspector has called Rajeev to the police station for something and Bebe along with her runs to the room to call Raghu to know if something has happened or not.

Back in the police station, the police inspector informs Rajeev and Monty that they have seen Raghu lurking around Bajwa’s house so they should be careful.

Rajeev questions the inspector about why Raghu is trying to harm Pari to which the police inspector replies that Raghu is not a big goon so someone must have paid him to harm Pari.

On the other hand, Bebe calls Raghu about why the police inspector has called Rajeev who instead of answering, blackmails Bebe, saying that if she does not give him his money, he will tell everyone her truth.

Bebe however cuts the call without any sign of terror on her face when Neeti urges Bebe to cool down as Bebe starts pacing the room in worry.

Meanwhile, Parminder advises Gurinder to not feel sorry as they cannot force Pari to keep the baby since she does not want it. 

Hence, Gurinder finds Neeti and Bebe going somewhere so she orders Neeti to sit with her for some time.

Whereas Rajeev finds Raghu hiding behind the car after he hears some sound so he starts chasing him and after a while he hits Raghu on the head, causing him to get unconscious.

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