Parineeti 12th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 12th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari feeling low when Bebe indirectly taunts her for losing her child.

Rajeev asks Pammi to explain to Bebe to not say anything to Pari while Pari starts crying after which Rajeev tries to console her but Pari says that she wants her child.

After that, Rajeev feels bad and he tells everyone that Pari cannot conceive a child for the next year which makes Pari Rajeev say that he did not want to make anyone sad that's why he kept it hidden.

Just then, Neeti comes there and says that Pari can become a mother again after which she suggests to them that she can become Pari's surrogate and deliver her child.

Everyone becomes shocked while Chandrika tells Neeti that she cannot become a mother after which everyone starts looking at her while Neeti asks her why she cannot become a mother.

Chandrika does not answer her after which Neeti tells everyone that she went to the hospital for her successful small operation so she can become Pari's surrogate.

No one answers Neeti after which she says that Pari can easily become a mother while Pammi says that there are some rules and regulations to becoming a surrogate mother.

She tells Neeti that she can become Pari's surrogate only if Pari cannot conceive a child for her whole life while the doctor has advised Pari that she can have a child after one year.

Later, Neeti goes to her room and gets angry over Pammi while Gurinder tells her that Pammi has started doubting her so she has to take careful actions otherwise she will send her back to Barnala.

Pammi tells Chandrika that she has to keep an eye on Neeti because she will not sit quietly and will take another step to harm Pari while Chandrika praises Pammi for not listening to Neeti.

They wonder if Pari will change her decision and allow Neeti to become her surrogate whereas Pari tells Rajeev that Neeti is very good as she thought of becoming her surrogate.

Rajeev says that Neeti is a good girl but he does not want a child through surrogacy after that he says that they can plan a child next year then Pari tells Rajeev that Neeti's today's gesture has proven that she has pure heart.

After that, Pari asks Rajeev who was the lady in the veil who tried to harm her after which Rajeev says that he is trying to find out that lady.

Meanwhile, Bebe also suggests that Neeti not get triggered by Pammi's actions and wait for some time after that Pammi again decides to fix Neeti's wedding which provokes Neeti's anger.

Neeti murmurs that Rajeev loved her and married her but could not follow the promise he made after which she questions Rajeev why did so with her.

Everyone thinks that Neeti has gained her memory while she manipulates and asks Rajeev and Pammi to not fix her wedding again. after which Rajeev takes responsibility and tells Pari that he will find a groom for her.

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