Parineeti 13th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 13th February 2023 episode starts with Neeti telling Pari that she has failed to save her baby while Pari hugs Rajeev.

She even says that she failed to fulfill Rajeev’s dreams but Rajeev consoles Neeti by urging her to imagine how a mother feels when she cooks food for her son who dies in an accident.

Pari holds Neeti tightly who bursts into tears and Rajeev wipes off his tears to stay strong for Neeti.

Afterward, Rajeev is praying to Mata Rani (Goddess) for Neeti when Pari arrives there.

Rajeev tells Pari that he does not deserve Neeti because it is his fault that Neeti lost her baby.

He even states that he is a terrible person who always troubles Pari and Neeti and breaks down in tears.

Pari puts her arm around Rajeev to console him who is crying like a baby.

She tells Rajeev that she does not know how it feels to lose a baby but she was shattered when she lost her father.

As Rajeev puts his head on Pari’s lap, she starts rubbing his back when Parminder sees them.

Parminder begs God to give Pari, Neeti, and Rajeev the strength to endure this crisis.

On the other hand, when Gurinder arrives at the Bajwa house, she gets shocked to observe the pin-drop silence.

She runs to check on Neeti as she has brought a bunch of things for her and the baby but gets surprised to see Neeti lying on the bed.

Gurinder shows Neeti the sweater she has made for the baby who looks at the things with tears in her eyes.

She tells Neeti that she has made the sweater with her own hands with a hint of excitement in her voice, causing Neeti to shed tears.

Rajeev arrives there and informs Gurinder that they have lost their happiness.

Gurinder starts breathing heavily after hearing such grave news but neither Rajeev nor Neeti reveal the reason behind this.

Afterward, in the room, Gurinder starts cursing herself for not being here as when her children needed her most, she was performing dance at someone else's wedding.

When Chandrika arrives there with water, Gurinder orders her to explain what happened with Neeti.

As Chandrika stands there like a statue unable to bring herself to reveal the true incident, Gurinder gets agitated.

Gurinder is about to pull her hair due to frustration when Parminder arrives there, revealing to her that Neeti took a bullet to save Rajeev.

On the other hand, Neeti and Rajeev are blaming themselves for this unfortunate event when Neeti abruptly stands up and runs away from there.

As Neeti runs toward the terrace, Rajeev and Pari get scared thinking that Neeti may commit suicide.

Afterward, on the terrace, Neeti accuses God of causing trouble for good people while looking at the clouded sky.

Pari and Rajeev watch as Neeti announces that she is crying for her dead baby whereas Rakesh is enjoying his life.

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