Parineeti 13th February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 13th February 2024 episode starts with Neeti telling Pammi and other family that she is blessed to have a friend like Pari in her life.

Neeti says that she likes Pari the most after which Pammi asks her if she likes Rajeev too then Neeti tells her why she would not like a man like Rajeev who always takes care of Pari so much.

After that, Pammi says that she feels Neeti likes Rajeev up to the extent that she will not choose any other man other than him.

Neeti tells her that nothing is like that, and she assures Pammi that she does not have any wrong intentions for Rajeev.

Pammi tells her that she has a rishta in her mind for her and she suggests Neeti meet him once after which Neeti tells her that she will meet him whenever she wants after which Neeti goes from there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev also goes from there while Pari asks Pammi not to doubt Neeti without any reason, so Pammi tells her that she wants to check if Neeti is acting or if she has lost her memory.

On the other hand, Rajeev comes by tying a towel after taking a bath, but Neeti suddenly comes there and opens the door and Rajeev is shocked to see her there.

Neeti feels embarrassed and comes out of the room after which she meets Pari and asks her to tell Rajeev to wear clothes after coming from the bathroom as she is also living in this family so he should take care of it.

Pari tells her that there isn't any issue with that after which Neeti asks her about the perfume that Rajeev uses but Pari doesn't know about it so Neeti pulls her legs by asking what she knows about her husband.

However, Gurinder feels guilty and tells Pammi that they are doing wrong by using the benefit of Neeti's lost memory, but Pammi ignores her and asks Mahua to arrange for Soham's family.

After some time, Soham comes there along with his family to see Neeti after which Pammi asks Neeti to offer tea to Soham and his family.

Neeti starts laughing and tells him that she does not know how to cook then Soham asks her to not worry about cooking because he has to cook at home.

Then, Bebe asks Soham and Neeti to talk alone after which they go from there while Pari tells Rajeev that Soham is aged than Neeti so their couple will not look good.

Rajeev tells her that age does not matter while Soham asks Neeti to meet her alone in his flat after which Neeti feels uncomfortable and asks him to be within his limit.

He tries to hold Neeti's hand and Pari notices it and asks Soham's family to go from there and asks Pammi to not fix Neeti's wedding with such a person.

Rajveer scolds him after which Soham goes from there along with his family while Pammi yells at Sudha for sending such kind of rishta for Neeti.

Pari asks Pammi what Sudha told her, so Pammi tells her that by mistake Sudha sent the wrong Soham's rishta for Neeti.

After that, Pari asks Pammi why she wants Neeti to get married after which Pammi explains to her that no one will marry Neeti in such a condition where she does not remember her past while Neeti overhears Pammi talking about her with Pari.

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