Parineeti 13th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 13th June 2023 episode starts with Neeti walking into Bebe's room and telling her that Pari isn't doing well.

She tells Bebe that Pari will try her best to stop the wedding but Bebe assures her that things will go in their favour.

Further, Bebe shows Pallavi's photo on her phone telling her that she will help them in getting Pari's baby aborted to fulfil Rakesh's condition.

She tells Neeti that Pallavi will use some natural herbs in Pari's food to get her baby aborted without her consent.

The next morning, Parminder asks Gurinder why is she so happy with the wedding and Gurinder tells her that weddings in families are always a source of happiness.

Further, Gurinder tells Parminder that she is glad that Pari will be out of the house post her ill intentions of having an affair with Rakesh.

Parminder mocks Gurinder and just then, there's a knock on the door and Pallavi introduces herself as the new cook.

Bebe informs the family that she has hired Pallavi for the wedding preparations and takes her to the kitchen.

Further, Neeti and Bebe narrate the story to Pallavi to make sure that the baby is aborted within two days before the marriage.

Pallavi states that they will need to take Pari to the doctor to ensure that the baby is aborted due to mental complications and tells them to keep her payment ready.

Elsewhere, Rakesh gets furious seeing the wedding outfits and tells Mrs Ahlawat to get better options for him.

Rakesh calls Neeti to confirm if his condition is fulfilled but Rajeev answers the call despite Neeti.

Rakesh, unaware of Rajeev on the call, states that his conditions should be fulfilled before the wedding but the signals get jammed while Neeti walks in and takes her phone back.

Rajeev asks Neeti why she looks so worried and informs her that her mother called.

Pari saves Pallavi

Meanwhile, Pallavi asks Pari about her pregnancy and Pari saves Pallavi from getting hurt by knives set.

In the meantime, Pallavi meets Bebe and tells her that she cannot abort Pari's child as Pari saved her from getting hurt.

However, Neeti walks in offering Pallavi one lakh to get her work done and even if she refuses then she can leave.

Pallavi tells them that she needs one lakh and twenty-five thousand for the work and narrates her plan to abort the child by adding the injurious herbals in the kheer.

At the dining table, everyone applauds Pallavi for her culinary skills and she offers Pari the kheer she specially made her.

Pari saves herself

Pari refuses to eat but Bebe intentionally insists she have kheer but before she could take a bite, Pari rushes away to puke, failing Bebe and Neeti's plan.

Parminder tells Pallavi to make juice for Pari and make her dinner when she feels alright.

Elsewhere, Mrs Ahlawat feels disheartened seeing Rakesh drinking and tells him that he is giving the vibes as if he does not want to marry Pari.

Rakesh shrugs off his mother's emotional drama asking her to not ruin his mood but she warns him to not ruin anything this time.

Later, Bebe walks in and mocks Pallavi for cleaning the table in spite of getting the task done and she tells her that she knows how to do her job.

Just then, Neeti walks in and Bebe asks her why is she looking so stressed and Neeti informs her that Rakesh is waiting for their call.

Pari joins them as well and Bebe tells her that Neeti is worried for her and Pari hugs Neeti telling her that she is fine.

Pallavi gets fruit custard with ripened papaya for Pari while Pari refuses to eat telling her that she will make something for herself but Bebe forces Pari to eat custard.

Pari insists to Bebe that she can smell Papaya in the custard telling her that papayas are not good for pregnant ladies.

Bebe turning deaf ear forces Pari but gets shocked when Parminder throws the spoon away frowning red in anger.

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