Parineeti 13th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev noticing that he bought another lady from River in place of Pari which surprises him and he becomes anxious and wonders where Pari has gone.

He is again about to go inside the river to find Pari but Rakesh and Daljeet do not allow him to go inside he does not listen and he meets Pammi after which he tells everything that has happened with Pari.

Pammi becomes shocked to hear it after which she directly goes to the temple to pray for Pari while a lady also comes to the temple to have a prayer for her daughter's soul after her demise but she is not able to accept that her daughter is no more in this world.

Pandit Ji asks her to peacefully bid farewell to her daughter as she has gone away from her so it will be better if she does not cry and send her to god's place with love.

On the other hand, Neeti panics and tells Gurinder that they have been waiting for a long time but till now neither Rajeev has come nor Pari's dead body.

Rakesh asks her to not worry and to have patience and it might have happened that Pari would have died and Rajeev would have brought her dead body but Neeti does not believe in them and says that her destiny never supports her.

Then, Daljeet asks Neeti to believe in what Rakesh is saying after which Neeti asks Gurinder what she thinks after that Gurinder says that unless Pari's dead body comes there and the police give Panchama till then she won't believe that Pari is dead.

Gurinder says that Pari always comes safely many times whenever they have tried to kill her so she cannot believe this time too.

Meanwhile, that stranger lady complains to Durga Maata that she loved her daughter a lot and she was about to meet her after so many years and wanted to hug her this time but destiny has some other plans that's why she has to bury her residue in Ganga now.

On the other hand, Parminder prays to god and asks him to do something magical this time to make her believe that he is there and wishes for Pari to come back and she cries her lungs out while Chandrika tries to console her.

Later, Rajeev goes to get help from the Police and tells them that Pari's leg slipped from the cliff and she fell from the cliff in the river and now she is missing after which the Police decide to help him in finding Pari.

The stranger lady asks god to return her daughter in any form or take her life also and she leaves everything in god's hand what does he wants while Pari flows along with the flow of water in the river.

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