Parineeti 13th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 13th March 2023 episode starts with the police officer praising Pari for making him realize that he is ready to sacrifice his life for Punjab.

As Parminder and Pari are about to walk away, Pari calls the inspector “brother” which makes him emotional, and he whispers to his constable that Pari is smart as well as innocent.

Meanwhile, Neeti, Gurinder, and Bebe request Malkhani, the lawyer to bring Rajeev out of jail since he is innocent in this.

Malkhani denies taking the case as there is very less chance of him winning so he does not want to risk his reputation.

Everyone gets upset upon hearing Malkhani’s words and Neeti announces angrily that Malkhani has lost a chance to save an innocent person like Rajeev.

Gurinder and Bebe also stand up to leave with crying expressions on their faces when Malkhani suddenly announces that he will save an innocent person.

Back in the police station, Parminder and Pari meet Rajeev whose eyes get teary seeing Parminder in front of him.

Parminder urges Rajeev to not worry as Neeti has gone to find a lawyer for him and Pari is always here for them.

Looking at Pari, Rajeev confesses that he knows everything will be all right as long as Pari is here with them.

Pari blushes as Parminder and Rajeev both gaze at her with appreciation while a goon reminds them that they can prove Rajeev innocent by finding proof.

This gives Pari an idea and she orders Parminder to stay with Rajeev as she needs to leave now.

After Pari leaves, a police constable arrives there to urge Parminder to leave since the five minutes are up and Parminder walks away.

On the other hand, in the lawyer’s office, Malkhani praises Neeti for being an air hostess since it is very hard for people to get an appointment to meet him.

He makes it very clear that he can bell out Rajeev on Monday only since from the next day the weekend is beginning.

Afterward, during the drive, Bebe does not miss this opportunity to represent Neeti as the ideal daughter-in-law in Gurinder's eyes by reminding her how great Neeti is for doing this.

Neeti's smile continues to go wider as Bebe puts Pari down by saying that Pari is nothing compared to Neeti.

Meanwhile, Pari and Monty go to meet Mr. Mehra, Rajeev's boss to find a way to prove Rajeev's innocence but the receptionist stops them saying that Mr. Mehra does not want to meet anyone right now.

Back in Bajwa's house, Bebe again announces that Neeti has hired the famous lawyer Malkhani for Rajeev whereas everyone failed to find a lawyer.

Neeti softly informs everyone that Rajeev will be out of jail on Monday and everyone jumps in excitement.

Just then, Pari arrives at the door with Sanju causing Neeti to get burned with jealousy so while everyone is busy hugging Sanju, Neeti takes Pari aside.

Neeti accuses Pari of stealing her reputation in this house and making everyone ignore her like she is nothing while Pari begs her to reveal what she means by this.

As Pari grabs Neeti's shoulder, she pushes her but Rajeev catches her and questions Neeti about what is wrong with her.

Rajeev quickly removes his hands from Pari's shoulder as he notices Neeti's sharp gaze but Neeti urges him to continue touching Pari since she knows what these two are hiding.

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