Parineeti 13th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 13th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the matchmaker coming to home to show Rishta's for Neeti which surprises her and she murmurs that Pammi is going very fast.

Meanwhile, Rajeev passes through the hall and finds the matchmaker, after which he calls Chandrika and Amit.

He asks them to come along with him to see Rishta for Neeti after which Amit asks him why he is so excited to find Rishta for Neeti then Rajeev tells him that Neeti has given him the responsibility of finding a groom for her.

After that, they go downstairs and check the Rishta and Rajeev asks Neeti to see which guy is suitable for her after which Neeti acts like she trusts him a lot and says that she will accept the Rishta which he will approve.

Later, Neeti goes to her room and wonders why she never thought Rajeev would find rishtas for her while Gurinder and Bebe come to Neeti's room.

They ask Neeti what happened to her after which she says that she never expected that she would have to face such a thing after that she says that will reject the rishtas.

Bebe asks Neeti to not act clever otherwise Pammi will send her back to Barnala then Gurinder suggests she do something so that Rajeev himself rejects the rights and should think that no one is eligible for her.

Neeti asks her how will she do it then Bebe asks her to do what they are saying whereas Pammi and Chandrika predict that Neeti will not marry again and make an excuse.

After that, Pammi says that this time at any cost she will make Neeti marry and leave the house whereas Pari becomes sad and tells Rajeev that Neeti will leave the house and she will go away from there.

Rajeev consoles her and says that it is part of their ritual and he reminds her that she also comes there after leaving her house whereas Neeti thinks of an idea to manipulate Rajeev.

On the next day, Pari and Rajeev go to meet the men whom they found eligible for Neeti also goes there and secretly meets the first man and manipulates him saying that he is going to marry a lady who had a miscarriage and had a divorce.

The man is shocked after which she also tells him that the lady whom he is thinking of marrying has lost her memory after that she goes from there while that man becomes confused and asks Rajeev to give him some time to think about his marriage proposal which makes Rajeev and Pari confused.

Pari murmurs about what happened to him after that Rajeev looks after Pari and asks her to not worry after that they decide to go from there.

Meanwhile, Neeti meets another guy and is about to manipulate him but Rajeev and Pari come there and ask her what is she doing then she lies to them that she came there to have coffee.

Pari says that she knows her very well that she has come there to see Rishabh and she tells Rishabh that Neeti is bold and independent which impresses him after which he decides to come in the evening to see Neeti along with his family.


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