Parineeti 13th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 13th October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 13th October 2023 episode starts with Shambhu asking Neeti if he can hide in her house.

She tells him that it is Parminder's birthday the next day and there will be a party, so it's impossible.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Pari asks the doctor why she is feeling weak, leading the doctor to rebuke Pari for her carelessness with her pregnancy.

Rajeev comes there and the doctor greets him while Pari asks him what he is doing there.

He tells her that he is not talking to her, and then complains to the doctor stating Pari neither takes cares of herself nor allows anyone else to do so too.

The doctor scolds Pari telling that she has to take care of herself and the baby while telling her that she will need her blood sample for results.

Pari hesitantly asks for a sonography to be done, since she is scared of needles, but the doctor says that there is no other alternative.

Rajeev holds her and she clings to him tightly leaving nail marks on his hand.

Further, Pari leaves the hospital while Rajeev goes after her, as Babli goes to take medicines.

Pari and Rajeev argue on the road as he wants to speak to her, but she refuses to speak to him.

She tells him that it's not right that he takes care of her while he tells her that he cannot stop caring for her.

Babli comes there and Rajeev complains about Pari scolding her while Pari goes and stops a taxi.

However, Rajeev stops Pari from entering and takes her in his arms bridal style and takes her to his car, gradually driving away.

At home, Bebe complains about Pari being all words and no actions making Neeti agree with her, while guiding the decorators to arrange things.

Parminder reminds them that Pari has gone to the hospital due to feeling sick.

Just then, Pari, Babli, and Rajeev return as Rajeev complains about Pari and leaves to drink water.

The family members look at Pari, stating that Rajeev is angry with her while Babli states that Rajeev Jiju is angry since Pari is careless towards herself.

Bebe scolds Babli telling her to remember that Neeti is in the house while Parminder states that she would not like anyone disrespecting Pari whom she considers her daughter.

Rajeev also comes there and says that Pari needs extra care while Neeti watches and feels angry.

Later, at night, Pari refuses to take medicines from Babli when Rajeev comes there and makes her open her mouth, gradually feeding her medicines and turmeric milk.

Further, Rajeev also goes to Neeti and makes her drink turmeric milk telling her that half chapati is not eating while Neeti wonders if his love is true or is he just caring for her.

Meanwhile, Rajeev thinks back to seeing Neeti with Shambhu and how she questioned his love for her as he states in his mind that he has always loved Neeti.

He tells her to go to sleep while he makes his bed on the sofa and thinks that he needs to get to the truth once and he will apologize to her afterwards for doubting her.

He thinks about how he and Neeti will take care of Pari and the baby that is in her womb while stating that he wants the cracks in his relationship to hea as the cake for Parminder's birthday is cut.

The next morning, Rajeev wakes up and goes to the bedside table when he sees Neeti's phone ring up with Shambhu.

He picks up the call and Shambhu tells her to give him some money and a place to stay.

Hearing this, Rajeev disconnects the call and goes back to the sofa, while Neeti wonders about Rajeev not bidding goodbye to her.

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