Parineeti 14th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 14th April 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha telling Neeti that she has to go and stop the wedding while Neeti tells her that she should do tit for tac.

Pratiksha states that Ravi gave her the title of his wife but not the rights which she is gonna take from him for herself.

Neeti smiles as she tells Pratiksha that she can trick Ravi into marriage just the way he tricked her to get married.

Pratiksha gets confused when Neeti tells her that she will be the bride sitting beside Ravi, not Kavya, and go to start their plan.

Meanwhile, Adi is talking to Deepanshu about the girl being fine and leaving while Rajeev hears them get suspicious.

He hides and hears their conversation about finding the identity of the girl.

Adi reveals that he thinks it was Pari and Raajeev gets shocked.

Rajeev Slaps Aditya & Deepanshu 

He goes to them and starts slapping them for Pari's accident.

However, Adi explains to Rajeev that it was not them who had done Pari's accident and that they were just the ones who saved her.

They also tell Rajeev about the guy who was trying to run Pari over with his car constantly.

Just then, Adi notices Raghu in the crowd and shows him to Rajeev.

On the other hand, Bebe is worried about Raghu coming to the Randhawa house when she sees Pari in one of the guest rooms and gets shocked.

She calls Neeti to inform her about Pari but Neeti is not able to hear her due to the sound of the drums.

Neeti tells her that she is coming upstairs and disconnects the call while Raghu hits Bebe with a stick making her unconscious.

Rajeev and Pari talk post her accident

Rajeev thinks that he has to think about Pari's safety and goes to her room.

Pari gets surprised to see him and tells him everything that happened with her in the market.

Rajeev feeds Pari water and thinks to not tell her that someone is after her since the worry might affect her pregnancy.

However, Pari's body gets affected by Rajeev rubbing her shoulder and she tells him to get another glass of water.

Pari thinks about Pratiksha and is about to leave when Rajeev stops her.

He scolds her saying that she needs to rest while Pari reveals to him that Pratiksha is married to Ravi and that she needs to help them.

Raghu Threatens Bebe

Elsewhere, Pratiksha has adorned herself in the same wedding outfit as Kavya and thinks to herself that she has to find her own happiness and fight for her rights.

Downstairs, Neeti glares at Ravi while he thinks that Pratiksha might have told Neeti the truth but calms himself saying that it is not possible.

In a secluded room, Bebe regains consciousness and gets angry seeing herself tied to the chair while Raghu threatens to kill her if she does not give him his money.

Bebe tells him that she will give him money if he completes his work and states that even Pari is in the same house.

She tells him that they have to make the giant chandelier fall on Pari to complete their task.

Neeti calls Pari and is worried for her when she sees Pari and gets shocked.

However, she sees Rajeev come after Pari and gets jealous which influences her kindness again.

Parekh Family attack the Randhawa's!

Pari sees her and tells her about Pratiksha while Neeti tells them to go to Pratiksha as she will come after them in a while.

Elsewhere, Hansa, Pratik, and Kinjal come and make a commotion to stop Ravi and Kavya's wedding.

Mandeep is about to slap Kinjal but Hansa stops her causing an even bigger argument.

Kinjal throws juice on Kavya for talking bad about Pratiksha while Neeti takes his chance to take Kavya away from the Mandap.

The security kicks out Pratiksha's family while Neeti insults Kavya and makes her unconscious using chloroform.

Pratiksha comes there and thanks Neeti while telling her that Pari is resting in the room with Rajeev.

Neeti wonders if Bebe was right about Pari.

The Bajwa's Leave

Later, Neeti and Pari bring Pratiksha downstairs to the Mandap and stand in their places while Bebe stands beside Neeti and tells her about the chandelier plan.

Neeti gets worried when Bebe stops her.

However, Neeti sees Rajeev standing beside Pari and gets mixed emotions.

Pari coughs and Rajeev goes to get water for her while Bebe tells Raghu to light the rope of the chandelier.

Ravi notices the chandelier moving and shouts for Rajeev who runs and saves Pari.

Rajeev runs to the room of the chandelier where he sees Neeti and Bebe.

They make an excuse while Rajeev tells them about someone going after Pari's life.

He goes to the room and sees the burnt rope while downstairs, Pari hugs Neeti.

Rajeev tells Ravi that they will leave now since Pari is not feeling well and the Bajwa family leaves.

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