Parineeti 14th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 14th February 2023 episode starts with Parineet calming Neeti who cries that God took away her child.

Parineet states that it would be wrong of her to say that she understands Neeti's tears as only a mother can understand the pain of losing their child.

Afterward, Pari tells Neeti that scarring her wound will not heal it faster and tells that God only gives battle to the stronger soldiers that Neeti is.

Pari talks about how Neeti held her when her world was crashing down.

Meanwhile, Parminder tells Gurinder to forget her anger and take care of Neeti since she is going through a lot of pain.

However, Gurinder says that she won't take care of Neeti since Parminder didn't care to tell her what happened to her daughter-in-law.

Parminder leaves from there angrily while Chandrika comes with a glass of water for Gurinder.

Gurinder threatens her to tell her what happened and Chandrika reveals how Neeti got kidnapped instead of Pari.

Gurinder blames Pari for everything and goes to confront her.

Meanwhile, back in Neeti's room, she tells Pari to sleep with her and Sanju since she does not want to stay without her.

Pari tries to find an excuse while Neeti tells her that she won't let her go anywhere.

Neeti tells Pari to reassure her that she will never leave her while Pari recalls Sukhwinder telling her to leave the house.

Just then, Gurinder comes there and tells Pari to come with her.

Pari gets confused as Gurinder drags her out and takes her to her own room.

Rajeev gives a glass of water to Neeti while he thinks to go and see what Gurinder is stating.

Meanwhile, Gurinder rebukes Pari and blames her for Neeti losing her child.

Gurinder questions Pari why she is still in the house when she has no relation to anyone inside the house.

Pari cries as she states that she would never think wrongly of Neeti and thinks of her as her sister.

However, Gurinder interrupts Pari and reminds her that the only relation that is described for her and Neeti is 'Sautan'.

Rajeev comes there and gets angry as he hears Gurinder state that Pari is jealous of Neeti becoming the mother to her husband's child before herself.

He shouts for Gurinder to stop and tells her to not speak a word against Pari if she cares for him as she claims to do so.

He tells Gurinder that she is selfish and has always been selfish since she only cares about her ego and not about Neeti or the pain she is going through.

Gurinder states that she is doing everything for them while Rajeev states that Pari is important to them.

He leaves telling Gurinder that he and Neeti will leave the house too if she thinks to kick Pari out of the house.

Later, Gurinder is slicing apples when Sukhwinder comes there and starts rebuking her for giving Rajeev permission to marry Neeti knowing that he was already married.

They both start arguing when Pari comes there and tells them that they need to think about Neeti who is breaking at this moment.

Sukhwinder blames Pari for being the reason Neeti lost her child and tells her to not call her mother again.

Gurinder also tells Pari that Rajeev left her because she could not fulfil her duties.

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