Parineeti 14th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 14th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 14th January 2024 episode starts with Pammi begging Rakesh to take whatever he wants and leave without knowing that it is him behind the veil.

Rakesh reveals his face to Pari and says that she shouldn't be scared as he has come to get her.

Rajeev says that such an act can only be committed by Rakesh which makes Rakesh beat him.

Rajeev fights back and single-handedly and takes everyone down however Rakesh takes out a gun and tells Pari to come to him otherwise she will have the whole place turn into a graveyard.

Pari says that she will die before getting married to a guy like Rakesh even if he kills her.

Rakesh says that he can't kill her because he loves her however he can kill Sanju.

He then signals his goons to start beating Rajeev up which aches Pari’s heart after which she tells Rakesh to stop as she is ready to go along with him after which Rakesh goes and drags her to his car.

Rajeev releases himself from the grip of Rakesh’s goons and runs behind Pari and Rakesh who are now driving away in the car.

Pari is screaming Rajeev’s name as he is taking her name with tears in his eyes.

Elsewhere, Neeti is very happy and tells Sukhwinder that now she should see that destiny wants her and Rajeev to be together.

She then goes to Gurinder and tells her that now finally she will earn her place back into the house by marrying Rajeev to which Gurinder agrees happily.

Later, Pari and Rakesh reach the godown where Rakesh has prepared their wedding ceremony to take place where he tells her that he wanted everything to be perfect and that is why he made the Pandit’s wife dress up as Lady Gaga in a pink saree.

Rakesh gets angry when a goon tries to push Pari towards Rakesh.

Rakesh asks the goon to touch Pari’s feet and beg for her forgiveness after which he takes Pari aside and says that he wants to talk to her after which he tells her that since they both love each other then there is no space for a third.

Rakesh says that Pari weds Sanju makes him want to vomit however her name with his sounds pleasing to his ears.

He tells her how destiny wants the two to be together however Pari is unable to understand this.

He says that no matter how bad he is he is not a cheater like Sanju and will forever love Pari to which Pari says that she hates him which makes him scream at her.

He tells Pari that he can easily force her however he does not want that which makes Pari take up a wooden rod and tell him to back off otherwise she will kill him.

She starts beating him with that but it has zero effect on him, she then says that she loves Rajeev which makes Rakesh hold her neck.

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