Parineeti 14th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 14th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pavni's mother spilling Pavni's residue in the river and she becomes emotional and recalls all her old good moments which she spent with her daughter.

She looks at Pavni's locket and decides to take a deep dive into a river five times while Pandit Ji asks her to come out of the river but she refuses and does not hear anyone.

Meanwhile, Pammi prays to god and asks him to show some magic and bring back Pari otherwise she will lose all of her faith in god.

Pavni's mother says that she will take one last dive and see if god is sending back her daughter or not while Pandit Ji asks her to come out of it as such kind of magic never happens that people who have died come again back to life.

Meanwhile, she takes a dive and finds Pari and she brings her out of the water and tells Pandit Ji that magic happens in each era that's why god has sent Pari into her life in the form of Pavni.

Her maid asks her if she is alive or not as Pari's nerves do not work after which Pavni's mother questions god why he is playing games with her.

Meanwhile, Rakesh meets Bebe and asks her what is she doing alone after which she tells him that she is waiting for Neeti and Gurinder to come.

On the other hand, Pavni's mother rings the temple's bell until Pari gets back to life after which Pari suddenly responds and opens her eyes which surprises everyone and Pavni's maid tells her mother that Pari has gained consciousness which means her motherhood has won.

Rajeev asks the Police to find Pari in the river so they send their team inside the river to find her whereas Inspector says that it is impossible to say that Pari is alive while inspector's team comes out of the river and says that they have searched for Pari everywhere but cannot find her.

Pavni's mother becomes happy to see Pari back to life after that she hugs her while Pandit Ji says that he saw such a miracle for the first time in his life and he will remember it for his whole life.

Rajeev insists the inspector find Pari on another side of the river after which they go to see her near the temple whereas Pavni's mother takes Pari to her home.

Meanwhile, Rajeev is not able to accept that Pari is no more in this world and he jumps into the river to find Pari whereas Gurinder and Pari become worried about seeing Rajeev inside the river.

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