Parineeti 14th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 14th March 2023 episode starts with Neeti telling Pari and Rajeev that she was dumb and that’s why, she was unable to see the truth.

Grabbing Pari and Rajeev’s hands, Neeti drags them toward the hall despite Pari and Rajeev’s pleading.

When Pari, Rajeev, and Neeti reach the hall, everyone gets shocked to see Neeti’s rage.

Gurinder urges Neeti to reveal what is wrong while Rajeev tells everyone that he does not know why Neeti is being angry.

Meanwhile, Bebe blames Pari for Neeti’s anger whereas Neeti runs to collect some words and a pan.

Coming forward, Rajveer also urges Neeti to calm down and explain the reason behind her anger but Neeti does not say anything.

Simmy also sternly remarks that Neeti is doing drama for no reason which hurts Neeti and she announces that she knew Simmy also fakes being concerned for her.

Neeti angrily states that since childhood Pari has been jealous of her but now only she understands.

Neeti makes it very clear that she was the one who married a city man but Pari also did the same thing.

Pari tries to make Neeti understand that the motive behind her arrival in the city was different but Neeti does not let her finish saying that she does not want to hear anything.

As everyone stands there in confusion, Neeti walks out of there to bring a pink dupatta for Rajeev and Pari.

Afterward, when Neeti returns with the dupatta, she announces that today she herself wants Rajeev and Pari to do the phera in front of her.

She then reveals that she knows that Pari and Rajeev are married catching everyone by surprise.

Pari just stares at Neeti with shock written all over her face whereas Rajeev lowers his eyes feeling ashamed of himself.

As neither Pari nor Rajeev moves from their position, Neeti grabs both of their hands and start circling the fire with them.

During the phera, Pari suddenly orders Neeti to stop this madness while she herself removes the dupatta from her shoulder.

She then rushes to bring the water but as she is about to pour the water into the pan, Neeti starts fighting with Pari to take it. 

However, during this chaos, Neti pushes Gurinder bu mistake and Gurinder lands on the sofa unconscious.

Neeti feels miserable for her mistake and she runs to bring medicine for Gurinder.

Meanwhile, with a jolt, Neeti comes out of her imagination only to find Pari standing in front of her.

Neeti starts shaking visibly while she mutters that it was not her intention but she calms down as she realizes that it was just her imagination.

At the same time, Gurinder calls out to Pari so Pari and Neeti go to the hall to check.

In the hall, Mr. Mehra reveals that Pari has not only saved Rajeev but also his company's reputation.

He explains that charges are lifted from them as it has turned out that the bridge was constructed under another company since Rajeev was on leave at that time.

Mr. Mehra praises Pari for giving him this idea while Pari refuses to take the credit.

Afterward, Neeti burns in jealousy as everyone praises Pari including Rajeev, and even Gurinder pulls Pari in for a hug.

Gurinder goes on and on about how she is lucky to have Pari in the house whereas Bebe runs to check on Neeti who is throwing things in her room in frustration.

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