Parineeti 14th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with everyone waiting for Pari when she informs them that she has arranged for blood.

Rajeev gets happy when he gets to know that Pari has arranged blood for Gurinder whereas Neeti secretly goes into Gurinder's ward.

She decides to kill Gurinder at any cost whereas Pari reaches the hospital along with the blood and she opens the main door of the hospital which brings a smile to Rajeev's face when he sees blood in her hands.

Unfortunately, she trips and falls after which blood slips from her hand and gets spilled over the floor which shatters everyone's hope.

Pari breaks down and she tries to collect the blood and asks Rajeev to help her in collecting the blood whereas everyone stands numb and does not react.

After that, she asks other family members to help her in collecting the blood and she realizes that now she cannot do anything as blood has been wasted.

Then, she starts crying and blames herself for not being careful after which Pammi tries to console her by motivating her to not lose hope.

Meanwhile, Rajeev murmurs that now they cannot save Gurinder while Pammi asks him to think positively instead of being a pessimist.

On the other hand, Neeti sits beside Gurinder's bed and says that she has to kill her because the situation is not good right now.

She puts a pillow on Gurinder's face and removes the oxygen mask after which Gurinder starts feeling suffocating and she yells.

Just then, the siren of Gurinder's room rings after which Pari, Rajeev, and the nurse come there while Neeti still tries to kill her but she hears someone's voice at the door so she leaves Gurinder and hides behind the curtain.

The nurse comes inside and notices Gurinder is in the worst condition after which she decides to call the doctor whereas Rajeev and Pari come into the room and notice that Gurinder is trying to say something.

Meanwhile, Neeti comes out of the room and Bebe holds her hands and asks her if she tried to kill Gurinder which makes Neeti angry.

Neeti asks her how she can even think that she will do such a thing and she asks Bebe to prove that she pushed Gurinder from a terrace and after that Neeti goes away from there.

On the other hand, coincidently the lady comes whose son's life Pari saved and she tells her that her blood group is also O negative.

The lady tells Pari that she wants to donate blood to Gurinder but Pari asks to not do so because she is not well whereas that lady says that she wants to return the obligation that Pari did by saving her son's life.

Then, they go to meet the doctor and the inspector becomes conscious and thinks of Neeti whereas Rajeev sits beside Gurinder and asks for an apology from her asking her to wake up mentioning that he needs her in his life.

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