Parineeti 14th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the Inspector getting conscious and recalling that Neeti wants to harm Pari.

After that, he asks the nurse to give him a wheelchair because he wants to talk to Pammi after which he notices Pammi near the temple area so he goes there.

He asks Pammi how is she while Pammi is lost in her regret after which Neeti comes from behind and takes away Inspector from there while Pammi realizes that the Inspector has gone from there.

Rajeev comes to meet Pammi and asks her to meet Bebe as she has something urgent to tell everyone after which Pammi comes there whereas Doctor asks Neeti who is she as she has covered her face with a mask and wears a doctor's coat.

Neeti lies to him that she has joined recently after which the nurse comes and says that the inspector had internal bleeding after which the doctor recalls that it is his case so he asks the nurse to take him to the ward.

In the meantime, Bebe goes where everyone is present while Pammi asks her what happened after which Bebe says that after some time someone will go into Gurinder's room in a doctor's uniform to harm Gurinder which makes everyone anxious.

Neeti comes there and asks Bebe what is she trying to say after which Bebe smirks which makes Neeti tense and she asks Bebe to not tell her truth to everyone.

Pammi asks Bebe about which truth Neeti is saying while Bebe hugs Neeti and asks her if she will tell her truth then only she will not disclose her reality in front of everyone.

Then, Neeti agrees to her after which Bebe lies to everyone that Neeti has kept fast and that she will not drink water after which Pari asks Neeti why she is doing all these things.

Neeti says that she considers Gurinder as her mother so she cannot see her in that condition which melts everyone's heart. 

Just then, the nurse goes into Gurinder's room to give her an injection after which Neeti gives her anesthesia and takes the nurse's place, and goes inside.

After entering Gurinder's room Neeti asks for an apology before giving a hazardous injection to Gurinder and she is about to give her that injection but Pari comes.

Neeti hides the injection while Pari asks her what is she doing after which Neeti lies to her that she was feeling anxious so she comes there to see Gurinder.

However, Neeti starts acting in front of her and tells Pari that she feels some sort of connection with Gurinder while Pari does not say anything in this matter.

At the same time, the doctor comes there and scolds both of them for creating chaos inside the patient's room and he asks them to go out and discuss things.

Later, Neet regrets her decision to taking a divorce from Rajeev and she asks Pari what black magic she did on Gurinder that she has started loving her so much.

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