Parineeti 14th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 14th May 2023 episode starts with Pari sitting on a sofa after feeling pain in her stomach.

She talks about how she has become alone while having flashbacks of her friendship with Neeti and wonders why Neeti has turned cold towards her when she knows her by heart.

Rajeev comes there just then and Pari wipes her tears while standing up.

Meanwhile, Bebe forms an idea and tells Neeti that they will get Raghu arrested by the police and then will get him out with the help of a good lawyer so that Rajeev cannot get his hands on Raghu and find out their truth.

Looking at Bebe’s expression, Neeti praises her for being clever and notorious at the same time while Bebe also exclaims that she is that parasite that will ruin this family.

Pari tells Rajeev that she is tired of explaining herself while Bebe and Neeti come there telling Pari that all of them are there to support Rajeev.

Just then, Monty comes there informing them that Raghu is awake.

Raghu regains consciousness and asks for water when he realizes that he is tied up and gets angry.

He looks at the faces of everyone and realizes that he is in the Bajwa house.

Bebe signals him with her eyes to not say anything while Rajeev tells Raghu that he would know why the police are looking for him.

Rajeev walks closer to him and tells him to reveal why he was near their house while Raghu recalls his conversation with Bebe and thinks that Bebe set him up to be caught.

Monty holds back Rajeev while Rajeev shouts for Raghu to reveal to whom he came to kill her.

Raghu gets worried and is about to speak up but Neeti interrupts and says that she thinks Raghu's rope has gotten loose.

She goes to "tighten" the rope while she whispers into Raghu's ears to not say anything as she is going to save him.

Bebe slips out of the house just then and requests the phone from a stranger and informs the police about Raghu's presence in the Bajwa house.

Rajeev demands to know the answer while Raghu asks if he doesn't know them and asks them why he is being tied up.

However, Rajeev brings Pari forward and asks Raghu if he does not recognize her also.

Raghu recalls trying to kill Pari and still lies while Chandrika tells Rajeev that she'll bring red chilli to get the truth out of Raghu.

Pari states that it is not right while Bebe mocks Pari saying that they are trying to get the truth while she is worried for the goon.

Reasoning with Bebe, Pari states that she does not want anyone to get harmed because of her while Neeti comes forward and tells Pari that Rajeev is doing this for the family and not her.

Just as Rajeev goes and grabs Raghu's collar, the doorbell rings making the family confused.

Rajeev looks through the crack and tells the family to act normal as the police has arrived.

Amit and Monty untie Raghu and hide him in one of the rooms while Rajeev goes and opens the door.

The police officer informs them that Raghu was seen outside their house and might have entered the house while Rajeev states that he has not kidnapped Raghu and kept him hidden in the house.

Rajeev starts sweating as the police officer states that he didn't say anything about kidnapping and demands to check the house for their safety.

The police enter the house and get suspicious seeing the family with smiles.

Neeti worriedly thinks that the police should find out about Raghu and how the family has turned smart in an instant while Rajeev goes with the police officers helping them in the search.

The officer tells Rajeev that he still has time to confess if he is hiding anything since it is a crime to lie to the police.

The officer argues that Rajeev is being over-smart while Rajeev butters the police and apologizes.

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