Parineeti 14th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 14th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 14th November 2023 episode starts with Pari requesting Parminder to convince Rajeev to stop Neeti from leaving.

However, Parminder tries to explain to her that her life will be worse if Neeti stays and tells her to let Neeti go.

Pari cries that she needs Neeti like the baby in her womb needs its mother.

Rajeev enters the room just then and tries to walk away but is stopped by Pari requesting him to stop Neeti.

However, Rajeev recalls how Neeti requested him to kick Pari out of the house and rushes back to the hall with Pari and Parminder.

He asks Neeti if she has made up her mind to leave and she agrees.

With his expressions changing, Rajeev walks to the main door and opens them telling Neeti that he won't stop her from leaving.

He innocently tells her that he wants her happiness and if her leaving him will make her happy, he will not stop her from leaving.

Pari and Neeti both look at Rajeev recalling Rajeev's marriage with Neeti with tears pooling at the corners of their eyes.

Neeti starts walking ahead as she recalls all her romantic moments with Rajeev while Pari joins her hands in front of Rajeev silently begging him to stop Neeti.

As Neeti reaches the threshold of the door, she recalls how Rajeev defended Pari and scolded her in front of everyone as her foot goes backward once again.

Rajeev feels hopeful and walks to her holding her hand and requesting her to not leave.

She asks him if he means it from the heart and states that she does not wish to misunderstand.

He asks her if she has this much ego and she says that it's her self-respect.

The family looks on with worry as Neeti tells Rajeev to choose between her and Pari.

Rajeev turns to Pari and angrily tells her that this is why he is not stopping Neeti as she is still stuck on her condition.

Neeti cries that Rajeev was stopping her for Pari's sake and tells him that he's making a big mistake.

Bebe comes forward and grabs Pari's forearm angrily telling her to at least now get away from Neeti and Rajeev's life.

Parminder speaks up and tells Bebe that she won't listen to a word against her daughter and talks about how Pari gave up everything for Neeti while Neeti tried to kill her multiple times.

Neeti turns to Rajeev and angrily asks him if he stopped her only for Pari's sake and he agrees, making Neeti walk away.

Rajeev and Pari go after her and rush to her as she has fallen while he tells her to come inside so he can do the dressing of her wound.

She tells him that she does not wish to enter as his second wife and tells him to not touch her with the hands that filled Pari's hairline with vermilion.

Rajeev continues to try to stop her while she says that she will leave both of them to their lives.

The couple argues as Pari gets heartbroken by Neeti's words stating that she wishes Pari and Neeti would have never become 'PariNeeti'.

Neeti gets into the taxi and drives away while Bebe talks ill against Pari while Parminder reminds her that Pari is the first daughter-in-law of the house.

Parminder's husband also supports her while Gurpreet starts arguing and blames her for Neeti's departure.

Bebe continues to talk ill about Pari while Gurpreet states that she should leave too and leaves with her bags.

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